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Buchanan or bust. Proposal seems to lack supporters

Ballot Question No. 1, the vote to change the controlled-growth ordinance in minor ways, has received the bulk of the debate in this election cycle, even though Ballot Question No. 2 might have far greater impact if passed. Question 2, the vote to consider thinking about extending Buchanan Boulevard south to the Interstate 11 bypass, has gone almost unremarked on even though it could have a massive impact on commercial development patterns. So far I haven’t found a single candidate or public official willing to acknowledge support for the Buchanan extension.

Honor the war dead by serving

On Monday, please remember Memorial Day is more than the end of a three-day weekend celebrating summer’s arrival. The true meaning fades with each passing year, probably due to two events: the National Holiday Act of 1971 (making Memorial Day a three-day weekend) and the end of the military draft in 1973.

Karloff made city his temporary home

Before he played Baron Victor von Frankenstein for Allied Artists International’s 1958 independent film “Frankenstein 1970,” William Henry Pratt aka Boris Karloff was living in Boulder City seeking a divorce from his wife, Dorothy Stein. According to the book “Boris Karloff: A Bio-Bibliography” by Beverley Bare Buehrer, Karloff married Stein, a librarian, years earlier when he was a bit actor. With fame rising, and a girlfriend on the side, Karloff headed to Nevada for a quickie divorce.

All About Community

An afternoon outing for local residents was provided by members of the Boulder City Community Alliance on Saturday in Bicentennial Park. Among those attending and helping out were, from left, Judith Hoskins, Bill McElree and Sharon Lazar.

Preserving controlled growth priority for ordinance’s ‘father’

I would like to thank Mayor Rod Woodbury for his complimentary remarks about my husband, Ralph Denton, in last week’s editorial. He is right that the father of the growth ordinance would be dismayed. He would be dismayed indeed to know the ordinance is in jeopardy. Our lives, and our children’s lives, were certainly made complete when we chose Boulder City as our hometown in 1959.

Critical thinking essential in today’s world

We like to think that we are savvy, critical thinkers, but are we, really? I used to think that I was until I took a course in critical thinking and realized that I was missing many steps in the process.

Ballot question might bring right amount of growth

Question No. 1 is coming: Are you ready? Many may try to frame the outcome from one extreme to another, so may I be the first to say, if ballot Question No. 1 passes, we will not grow like Las Vegas, and if it doesn’t pass, we will not turn into Radiator Springs prior to Lighting McQueen saving it.

Father of growth ordinance would be dismayed

Ralph Denton is widely considered the father of our city’s controlled-growth ordinance. He served multiple times as interim city attorney and had a big hand in drafting the original 1979 version.

On the ice or film, Lakovic’s zest for life clear

In 2004, I was sitting in a movie theater watching “Miracle” starring Kurt Russell. I couldn’t wait to see what Disney had done with the true story about the infamous 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team. Shortly after the movie started, I spit my drink out. There, on the screen staring back to me as the captain of the Soviet hockey team, was my friend and former Las Vegas Thunder International Hockey League player, Sasha Lakovic.

Election will not help solve city’s issues

Three years ago I wrote here about the issues facing “Boulder City Tomorrow” as the Interstate 11 bypass nears completion and city business faces decimation three times over. Today, those issues are at the forefront of the most contentious City Council election in years, with ramifications likely to extend past the end of the decade.

We only have one Earth

Earth Day was celebrated in April and, while it seems obvious that we live on one very beautiful planet, we often act as if it is as disposable as the trash we throw away every day.