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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my press releases or community brief?

You may submit a press release through our Submit a news story link. Boulder City Review does not guarantee publication of your press release. Please be sure to include the required contact information so we can reach you if we have any questions.


How do I report an error?

The Boulder City Review corrects factual errors. Correction requests should be directed to Editor Hali Bernstein Saylor at hsaylor@bouldercityreview.com.


Will the Boulder City Review remove information?

As a matter of practice, the newspaper does not remove, delink or de-index published material from its historic archives, electronic databases or printed bound volumes.


May I link to or use Boulder City Review content on my blog or another website?

For information on rights and permissions, please click HERE


Can I use Boulder City Review content for a book, a movie or other commercial use?

For information on rights and permissions, please click HERE


I have a question or a problem with my newspaper delivery.

Please contact our customer service team at 702-383-0400.


Why can’t I find a specific news story online?

We do not guarantee that all stories that are in the newspaper will be run online. Currently, the only way to ensure that you can catch all the news stories in our newspaper from a given day is to purchase that day’s newspaper or subscribe to our home delivery, e-Edition service or our All-Digital Access. Contact our circulation department for information on purchasing a newspaper at 702-383-0400.

When searching the Boulder City Review online archives, please note that our online archives only go back as far as our Launch Date.


How do I find a story that was published in an earlier edition of your paper?

Boulder City Review news articles online go back as far as our Launch Date. To search for past articles, click the “SEARCH” link at the top navigation bar. The Boulder City Review office, 508 Nevada Way, Suite 1, houses print archives dating back to October 2009. Please call the editor at 702-586-9523 to schedule an appointment to view them. 


Will the Boulder City Review provide links to my personal or business website?

The Boulder City Review does not provide links to the websites of entities and/or individuals that are mentioned in news stories unless deemed contextually relevant by, and at the sole discretion of the Boulder City Review’s editorial staff.

Alternatively, the Boulder City Review’s digital advertising team can provide a range of solutions such as sponsored or native content opportunities, search engine optimization, social media strategies and an extensive range of online advertising capabilities. For more information, please email digital@reviewjournal.com.


I cannot find an answer to my question here. Who do I contact?

 BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR QUESTION, HELP US TO HELP YOU. If you are writing to us because you are experiencing technical difficulties, please be as detailed as you can with the problem you are experiencing. Telling us “your site doesn’t work” does not provide us with enough information to trouble-shoot. Please tell us what you were trying to accomplish when you experienced the technical difficulties and what steps you were taking. In addition, please tell us what web browser and version you are using (ie: Internet Explorer 7) and what platform you are using (ie: Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.7). This information is key to assisting us with your issue and can also, in the long run, aid in creating a better experience not only for you, but for all our visitors. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Send your unanswered question to us by using our contact form.

Inquiries are answered during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.