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Wetlands trail reopens

The Wetlands Trail at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is now open after being closed several years for repairs.

Pavement markings indicate where to drive

I’ve had a few requests for information regarding lane markings and their meanings. There are a few things that I am sure of about this issue: 1. That every driver’s test requires knowledge of these markings, 2. That the majority of people driving on the road today know and obey those markings and, 3. The ones that do will and those that don’t won’t — ever.

Law aims to reduce drunken driving

The Boulder City Police Department is unsure how the recently signed bill by Governor Brian Sandoval tightening driving restrictions for those convicted of driving under the influence will work, as it does not become law until next year.

Driscoll honored for saving 1-year-old

A mother recently came through her own personal tragedy of not being able to save her daughter knowing she had done everything she could when she saved the life of boy while on duty with the Boulder City Police Department.