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Artificial turf can overheat trees

Q. I have three trees in my backyard that are showing some branches dying. I recently had my lawn replaced with artificial grass and was wondering if it was because of that.

B-hill estate of late author for sale

Best known for the fantasy series “The Sword of Truth,” the late novelist Terry Goodkind’s creative expression is evident throughout his Boulder City estate.

Entries sought for holiday contests

Boulder City residents are invited to participate in the Boulder City Review’s annual holiday contests.

Local kids create artwork to aid Ukrainian children

Local children joined efforts with children from the Ukraine to help raise funds for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Tree roots will follow easiest path to water

Q. Recently our neighbors converted their front lawn to artificial turf. The trees were getting some good moisture from their grass, and now they won’t. The other two sides of the trees are on the street side and the driveway side. Will the trees start to deteriorate?

The Latest
City ideal place for longtime friends’ first collaboration

Done in the spirit of days gone by when neighborhood children would get together and put on a show in their garage, longtime friends Erik Gloege of Boulder City and Adrian Leon of Los Angeles collaborated on a full-length film that was filmed primarily within the community.

Seen on Scene: At Trunk or Treat

Jessica Jones of Blis Salon won first place in the trunk decorating contest with her Flintstones theme. She is dressed as Wilma Flintstone and pictured with her family, Sean Dodge as Fred Flintstone, Huxley Dodge as Bam Bam and Crystal Jones as Betty Rubble at Veterans’ Memorial Park on Saturday.

Never too early for Toys For Tots

It was only September when all of a sudden local large retailers, as well as some major thrift stores, began placing Christmas merchandise out for customers to purchase. It wasn’t even Halloween, but there was a Santa Claus photo announcing Dec. 25. Thanksgiving? Veterans Day? No thanks, not yet. Just line up and buy Christmas decorations in September.

BCR’s annual cookie, candy, coloring contests return

The Boulder City Review is looking to showcase its readers’ artistic talents this holiday season as preparations are underway for its fourth annual Christmas cookie/candy contest and its third annual Christmas coloring contest.

Tradition returns with Trunk or Treat

Children of the night are free to roam, haunt and collect candy at this year’s Trunk or Treat event.

Master gardeners disseminate knowledge, DIY help

As temperatures slowly start to drop we can finally get a feel for fall and everything pumpkin that fills menus, shelves and Pinterest boards. Pumpkins are undoubtedly the foremost visual cue for autumn. But only autumn. We don’t decorate Christmas pumpkins, put them in Easter baskets or set them on Fourth of July picnic tables. There’s just something about a pumpkin’s shape and color that immediately tells us what time of year it is.

Nevada’s Yesteryear: Smith’s expeditions paved way West

Jedediah Smith, famous mountain man, trapper, explorer and map maker, may not have been the first white man to enter the Nevada area — some Spanish conquistadors most likely had crossed the same deserts and mountains before him — but Smith certainly was the first to spend any significant time exploring the region. He made two trips across Southern Nevada and one across sections of the central part of the state when all of it was just a blank area on any maps of the day.

Too much water likely cause of lavender’s demise

Q. I planted a sweet lavender plant last year and it grew great until this August and then suddenly died. It was getting about 2 gallons per watering via two emitters. I would like to replace it with another lavender. It gets morning sun and afternoon shade. What variety of lavender would you recommend we try?

Seen on Scene: At Art in the Park

Hali Bernstein Saylor/Boulder City Review