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Easter sunrise service Sunday

Area residents will gather to observe the rising of Jesus Christ from the crucifix by watching the sun rise during a service Easter morning.

City works to increase power reliability

Last month there were two quick and unexpected outages in my “alphabet street” house, around 10 a.m., then around 3 a.m. I happened to be home and awake for both, although if I weren’t, the blinking digital clocks would have been telltale.

Poor drainage likely cause of rotting cacti limbs

Q. I have two Argentine giant cactus bought from a big box store last summer. I planted them in the garden soil after I amended it with sand, pumice and vermiculite to improve drainage. Recently, I saw them with the tell-tale darkening associated with root rot. When the plants were new from the nursery, all branches were firmly set in the pot and upright. Is it usual for the limbs to feel flimsy? Or, are the remaining limbs soon to rot and bend as well.

Plant’s root depth, genetics factor into watering schedule

Q. I’ve checked on the internet and have some materials from our state, but I still can’t compare the terms “infrequent and moderate.” Does “infrequent” mean once every two weeks? Once a month? And what does “moderate” mean? One gallon per watering?

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Select shrub variety for needed use

Q. I am adding Texas rangers and yellow bells to a bed that has poor drainage beneath it. I want to create some privacy in my yard from my neighbor. The soil I want to buy will end up being 12 inches deep for that area. Is that deep enough? I am worried this will end up as poor drainage. Should I dig a chimney in that bed for better drainage? Are these two plants similar in their water needs?

Widow wants professionals to ‘Ask the Question’

Barbara Rodgick Meehan is a widow whose Army veteran husband, Bill, passed away from his illness, which was attributed to exposure to Agent Orange-defoliated areas in Southeast Asia. Now she is driving a solo political campaign to have the Nevada Legislature pass a statute urging members of the medical and social service professions to “Ask the Question — Have you ever served in the military?” — when treating individuals. If they answer in the affirmative, they can then be asked to contact Veterans Affairs or a veterans’ service officer and, if appropriate, file claims for medical benefits.

Storytellers Corner: McCormick lives life of crime — through his novels

A financial executive from Chicago takes a job in Riga, Latvia, hoping to learn more about his heritage while fighting economic fraud only to find himself pulled into a world of political intrigue, blackmail and murder.

Scout steps up to help

One of Boulder City’s own used a moment when he “ate dirt” to figure out what he wanted to do for the community through his Eagle Scout project.

Big Clean returns

The Big Clean is back after a two-year absence, and Boulder City residents will again be able to recycle unwanted items.

Boulder City Nuggets: Southwest marks 30 years of serving community

For 30 years, Cindy Ford and her crew at Southwest Diner have been dishing up hearty fare sure to satisfy nearly any palate. The Boulder City restaurant’s menu features everything from breakfast classics to all-American burgers to Mexican dishes. Just be sure to leave room for pie — one of its specialties.

Support for Seniors

Jeanne Clement, left, and Rebecca Roberts of the Senior Center of Boulder City recently accepted a donation from the Boulder City Community Club of $600 worth of $10 gift cards to the 99 Cents Only store. The gift cards will be given to senior citizens who visit the center’s pantry.

Replacing windows elevates aesthetics, efficiency, value

When homeowners consider whether the cost and stress of a renovation is worth it, the answer is a resounding yes for window replacement. Benefits span from elevated aesthetics and energy efficiency, to cash.