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“No one grows up wanting to live on the streets.”

Recently, I learned of a very large family that had fallen on hard times. I don’t know where they are from, but like thousands of other families in Southern Nevada, they were unsure of where to turn for help. They went into survival mode, camping in the desert not far from our community to keep their young children safe, the kind of distress that some people try not to notice as they pass by.

You can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube

A topic that’s been on the minds of several as of late, including city staff and council, has been short-term vacation rentals and whether or not to allow their existence in Boulder City.

The Consciousness of Love

Where did love go? The kindness in our world seems to have dissipated. When I go into a coffee shop, I witness almost everyone distracted from other human beings by their cell phone or computer.

Just call me Ron-Boy

As some of you know, I grew up here in Boulder City having started school in sixth grade at Garrett Junior High.

Keeping our waters safe

Lake Mead National Recreation Area prioritizes the safety of its visitors by conducting regular water testing at beaches and hot springs.

Sandoval’s policies could come back to bite him

Most of Nevada’s beleaguered taxpayers focus on the fact that Gov. Brian Sandoval broke his word not to raise taxes by not once, but twice raising the “temporary” tax increases approved in 2009; taxes that were supposed to “sunset” in 2011. But the governor also is responsible for another tax hike coming to Nevada e-shoppers everywhere on New Year’s Day.

Letters to the editor

Importance of President Hoover overlooked

Season’s eatings: Tidings of comfort, joy

Flour. Check. Sugar, brown, granulated and colored crystals. Check. Vanilla. Check. With all this baking going on, it can only mean one thing: It must be December.

‘New Coke’ rivals health care rollout

When it comes to colossal product launch flops, you’d be hard pressed to top the epic failure of New Coke. People perfectly content with “the real thing” had no interest whatsoever in the product despite a massive marketing and public relations campaign.

Letters to the editor

Woodbury will seek re-election to Assembly

Gambling with gambling

Twenty-­four years ago, conservative columnist George Will wrote, “One state’s welfare is uniquely woven into gambling, but Nevada has an excuse: The silver was gone, the soil was lousy, and the would-­be divorcees were bored. After the Comstock Lode petered out, Nevada eventually discovered divorce as a way of making money. Nevada crushed the competition of a few other states in setting the shortest residency requirement, and then looked around for a new way to mine money from the law and found gambling. Now, one Nevada is kind of nice. But there is something sinister about more and more governments becoming more and more addicted to money from what was until recently considered a vice.”

St. Jude’s warms cynic on cold night

I like to think of myself as a tough, cynical journalist.

Holiday festivities are a gift to area residents

Oh, the excitement of the holiday season is upon us. December arrives with festivities galore on the calendar.

Should regional VA office head south?

Last month, Las Vegas City Hall was the site of a meeting focusing on how effective the Department of Veterans Affairs’ regional benefits office in Reno is serving Southern Nevada veterans. The VA Reno field office is one of the most underperforming in the nation, and the hearing examined what changes need to be made to better serve veterans in the state.

‘Conservageddon’ insurgency continues to gather steam

Although it will again be impossible for the GOP to gain a Republican majority in the state Assembly next year, the developing conservative uprising in Nevada — what I’ve been referring to as “Conservageddon” — could result in a new (and desperately needed) conservative majority in the Republican Assembly caucus.

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