Local Golf Results

Nov. 3, four-person scramble, for Plus 55 Boulder City Men’s/Women’s Golf Association

Flight A, first-place net winners at 56.2: Keith Hoffman, John Ryan, Dale Pittman and Brad Kruetzer.

Second-place winners at 56.8: Lee Rhodes, Rob Schlipp, Bruce Courtney and Alan Thomas.

Flight B, first-place winners at 58.6: Larry Arnold, Jeff Finney and Ken Konops.

Second-place winner at 59.2: Jeff Novak, Mike Frye, Kathy Mills and Lois Schuh.

Closest-to-the-pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively: Lee Rhodes, Wade Cordray, Rob Pittman and Roger Montgomery.

Tournamets for those 55 years and older are held the first Thursday of every month.

Nov. 18 and 19 tournaments for Boulder City Men’s Golf Association

Tournaments in October and November are used to decide overall club gross champion and runner-up, as well as net club winners in each flight. The first two tournaments played are added, and that score is utilized.

Results of the two-score tournament are:

Gross club champion, Gordon Garff; club champion runner-up, Garland Saip. These two were tied after October and November and had an 18-hole match play playoff to determine the champion.

Flight one, first-place net winner at 147: John Milburn; second-place net winner at 151: Mike Farrah.

First-place gross winner at 160: Lynn Parker; second-place gross winner at 164: Mark Holmstrand.

Flight two, first-place net winner at 144: Gregg Gale; second-place net winner at 149: Bill Bahr.

First-place gross winner at 162: Bruce Gold; second-place gross winner at 172: Jeff Novak.

Flight three, first-place net winner at 145: Cecil Short; second-place net winner at 148: Jeff Morgan.

First-place gross winner at 172: Tim Lynch; second-place gross winner at 175: Randy Lemos.

Flight four, first-place net winner at 141: Romeo Ramos; second-place net winner at 151: Jason Janson.

First-place gross winner at 165: Anthony Spingler; second-place gross winner at 180: Curtis Ginnow.

Flight five, first-place net winner at 146: Dan Ward; second-place net winner at 148: Glen Colgate.

First-place gross winner at 182: Dave Carlson; second-place gross winner at 185: Mike Needy.

Flight six, first-place net winner at 150: Ken Taylor; second-place net winner at 153: Jason Ng.

First-place gross winner at 191: Lou Kachnik; second-place gross winner at 199: Jeff Finney.

Flight seven, first-place net winner at 148: Keith Hoffman; second-place net winner at 158: Larry Street.

First-place gross winner at 196: Larry Langley; second-place gross winner at 200: Ken Konops.

Closest-to-the-pin winners for Nov. 18 on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively: Jim Turner, Ken Taylor, Ken Konops and Jeff Novak.

Closest-to-the-pin winners for Nov. 19 on holes 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively: Mike Farrah, Mike Needy, Gaylen Grabau and Darryl Gutierrez.

Information on how to join these Boulder City Golf Associations is available on the bulletin boards at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course. Information also is available on how to join the Winterwood Men’s and Boulder City Women’s golf associations.

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