Garrett holds annual basketball tourney

Garrett Junior High School held it’s 17th annual Spring Jam 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on May 13 at the Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department’s new gym.

“The 3 on 3 tournaments are a great way to give the kids an opportunity to play basketball after their seasons are over, and recruit future Bobcats and Eagles basketball stars,” said Jim Konst, girls basketball head coach at the school.

He said many of the participants return each year, advancing through the age divisions.

Champions of the third-fifth grade girls division were the Comets: Sophia Muelrath, Allie Beal and Sierra White. They have been the division champions two years in a row.

The MiniBallers, Sean Pendleton, Luke Wright, Ike Pappas and Roman Rose, won the third-fifth grade boys division. All four boys played on the 2017 Junior Bobcats team and made it to the playoffs of the Valley Athletic Conference.

The winners of the sixth-eighth grade girls division were the Epic Cougars: Bree Leavitt, Ellie Speaker, Callie Torgeson and Kennedy Barrow, who all played for the undefeated champion Junior Bobcats this year.

The Spider Pigs, Matthew Morton, Ethan Speaker, Matthew Felsenfeld and Scotty Bahde, dominated the sixth-eighth grade boys division. They helped lead the Bobcats basketball team to the 2017 CCSD Middle School Championship Basketball game.

The mixed-age group girls division was won by The Navy: Kasidy Blumenthal, Megan Morton, Rachell Krumm and Keely Alexander.

The High School Division Champions were the Big Ballers: Dylan Leisure, Mason Hood, Parker Reynolds and Christian Bohanon.

The annual tournament is a fundraiser for the junior high basketball program to purchase basketballs, uniforms, equipment and supplies.

“This fundraiser really helps our basketball programs,” Konst said. “One of the things I am most proud of in our basketball program is that we are the only middle school program in the valley where the kids do not have to pay anything to become part of our teams. There are teams in (Las) Vegas that charge the kids $300-$400 for spirit packs before they can participate. Some even charge for tryouts and open gyms.”

The next 3 on 3 tournament will be May 12, 2018.

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