City Recreation

Woodbury Law jumps into first place

Woodbury Law had a winning week in Boulder City Park and Recreation Department’s men’s basketball league, with two big victories that knocked Slow and Steady out of first place, according to Kelly Lehr, sports coordinator for the department.

Boulder Dam Credit Union moved up in the rankings with its two wins. Danny Bell led the scoring with 22 points per game. Boulder City Mortuary beat Flight S2S with stellar performances from JJ Gray, who scored 21 points, Rob Sandoval, who scored 23 points, and Dave Murth, who scored 21 points.

Lehr said other outstanding high scorers were Sheldon Hutchins, who is averaging 21.5 points per game, and Ryan McQuillan from B.C. Kids, who is averaging 18 points per game.

League standings: Woodbury Law, 6-1; Slow and Steady, 5-2; Flight S2S, 3-4; Boulder Dam Credit Union, 3-4: B.C. Family Mortuary, 2-5; and B.C. Kids, 2-5.

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