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Pit Stop dominates men’s softball league

In the Boulder City Parks and Recreation men’s softball league, Pit Stop continues to dominate with a 6-0 record. The Credit Union, Time to Mash and No Glove No Love all have three wins, followed by Duetto (2-4), Ralph’s Tires (1-3), and Papillon (0-6).

Men’s games are played Thursday nights at Hemenway Valley Park through the first part of December.

League standings: Pit Stop, 6-0; Time to Mash, 3-1; No Glove No Love, 3-1; The Credit Union, 3-3; Duetto, 2-4; Ralph’s Tires, 1-3; Papillon, 0-6.

Competition heats up in coed softball

In coed Sunday night softball, the competition is heating up between T.Q. Pallets, Boulder Bowl and the Henderson Villains. All three teams have only one loss.

The Credit Union is close behind with B.C. Real Estate, Boulder Dam Brewing Co. and Jack’s Place at their heels followed by Serenity Salon.

Games are played at Hemenway Valley Park.

League standings: T.Q. Pallets, 5-1; Boulder Bowl, 5-1; Henderson Villains, 5-1; The Credit Union, 3-3; B.C. Real Estate, 2-4; Boulder Dam Brewing Co., 2-4; Jack’s Place, 2-4; Serenity Salon, 0-6.

Youth soccer season underway

Youth recreation soccer is underway with kindergarten and third through fifth grade playing Mondays and Wednesdays and first and second grade and sixth through eighth grade playing Tuesdays and Thursdays. Games will be played through the month of October on Pratte Soccer Field at Veterans’ Memorial Park, 1650 Buchanan Blvd.

Coed flag football expands league

Youth coed flag football begins next month for third- through eighth-graders. This year, the Parks and Recreation Department has included a seventh- and eighth-grade division to involve students from Garrett Junior High in the program.

Registration continues at the recreation department, 900 Arizona St., or by phone at 702-293-9256.

Flag football coaches for all age groups are needed, according to Kelly Lehr, sports coordinator for the department.

BCHS alumni join volleyball games

In the Parks and Recreation Department’s women’s volleyball league, Volleygirls are leading the pack followed closely by Synergy.

The teams this fall season are proving to be very competitive with ladies from Henderson, Las Vegas and some of our past graduates from Boulder City High School getting in on the action, according to Lehr.

Games are played Monday nights through the first part of November in the recreation department’s new gym.

League standings: Volleygirls, 6-0; Synergy, 5-1; Heavy Hitters, 3-3; Bump, Set, Net, 2-4; Amazons, 1-3; Girls Night Out, 1-3; Free Agents, 0-4.

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