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Letters to the editor

Scholarship recipient grateful for support

The purpose of this letter is to express my utmost gratitude to the Boulder City community. I was one of the five participants in the (Boulder City) Scholarship Challenge.

Thank you to Dawn Green for all the effort she put in and for her donation of time and money. Thank you to my sponsor, BC Real Estate, especially Cokie Booth. Ms. Booth was willing to sponsor me without hesitation and she continued to contribute to my education even after the Scholarship Challenge ended.

Thank you to the anonymous surprise donor that matched the scholarship we had already received. I wish I knew who you were so that I could thank you personally. I hope you read this, because I want to let you know how much your donation and support touched me.

I have lived in a few different places in my 17 years, but none is quite like Boulder City. My sincere appreciation to the community that has welcomed me, helped me and supported me.

Daphne Skordas

Definition of ethics violations by attorney questionable

In today’s political corruption, what constitutes an ethics violation? From the official records: Judges alter citizen’s initiative petitions, ignore laws of the Legislature directly pertaining to themselves and remove themselves from initiatives affecting themselves after they have been voted on and passed.

It seems Boulder City has a city attorney that interfered in a Henderson-Boulder City probable cause arrest of his son on March 20, 2010, and then, in a losing lawsuit against the people he represents (Boulder City), claimed emotional distress.

He advised the mayor (one of those appointing him) not to divulge his ethics violation to the ethics commission investigating his ethics. He stonewalled the state attorney general on an ethics complaint filed with the state on the Boulder City Council (that appointed him), preventing any investigation.

In another revelation, the city attorney advised another council member (who also appointed him) to go ahead and vote on a $1.4 billion solar project without disclosing his employer was a potential qualified contractor for the project.

He sued the residents he represents to keep them from voting on their initiative petitions, by hiring an outside law firm with no authority to do so and using taxpayers’ money. And he says, “In our minds we are not suing them.”

It affects every resident voter in the city. I wonder who he thought they were suing.

The courts ruled that the city violated the law when it sued several citizens that had initiated the petitions. Before the city and city attorney sued, the city attorney said they were qualified to be on the ballot and then sued to removed them.

So, tell me. What constitutes an ethics violation? Do you see any here? They don’t. Maybe there is none. Maybe you should ask the city attorney.

Al Wengert

Keep news about lawyer off paper’s front page

Boulder City has many upstanding lawyers who bring honor to our community. Do we have to keep giving the front page of our paper to the one goofball, anything-for-money/publicity lawyer who makes our town look bad?

Wayne Alger

Reporter will be missed

I hear we’re losing the best reporter the city and Boulder City Review ever had. I am sorry to hear that Jack Johnson is leaving the Boulder City Review.

In my past business experience in California, I always found the press to be to be very biased (one sided) in its reporting. Jack is a very unbiased reporter who always told both sides of a story. He was very fair in his reporting.

To me, Jack is an extraordinarily good writer. Jack has won several awards for his writing. Losing Jack, in my opinion, is a very great loss to our city.

Ed Waymire

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