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Reader feedback for Sept. 12


In response to Chuck Muth’s column Aug. 29, “Government has no business setting wages for private business,” President Barack Obama is absolutely correct in increasing the minimum wage. In fact, the federal minimum wage should be increased more frequently with higher dollar amounts. It is a known fact that the wage increases do not stay up with the rising cost of living expenses.

As far as the government “giving,” they are not “giving” anything. People who put in a good day’s work should be compensated accordingly with a wage where they are able to put a roof over their head and food on the table. These wages are earned.

This is America. One does not have the right to exploit another. Big government is scary, but there are instances where it must step in to prevent exploitation. Some businesses would exploit their employees by not paying for wages or giving deserved increases as the business owners climb higher on the hill with bigger and better, while the employees descend with littler and less.

How fortunate Muth is to be born with the necessary endowments to view a lower paying job as an “entry-level.” Many people are not as fortunate. They may have limitations that prohibit them from progressing.

This minimum wage job may be their job of a lifetime, their career and they should be able to live this life with dignity and pride. They should make enough money to be a viable member of society because, if not, they are forced to turn to — guess who? — the government for financial assistance.

So, I wouldn’t be so quick to criticize our president and the government for wanting to improve the living conditions of our fellow citizens who are struggling to be independent, to be respected and to be part of our community and society.


I read with interest the Aug. 22 article in the Boulder City Review about the new “Watch and Wager Sports Lounge” at the Railroad Pass. As a Boulder City resident, I have been a frequent visitor/player of the Pass for many, many years and I have seen the new Sports Lounge. It is a tremendous improvement over the previous sports book.

I also see that, according to the executive director at the Pass, the Pass is “looking to target the younger customers … (who) like betting sports. ... People who want to come in bet on the game, play the tables and maybe play some slots while they’re here.”

Good luck!

As a frequent player at the Pass, I have seen the continual downward spiral of the potential payback of its slots. I am not alone. Many former and current players at the Pass are in full agreement and have stopped going there. I am next.

With the new lounge, someone will have to pay for it. Guess who? This lounge will not attract new visitors or players. The same old crowd, less the many who have given up, will be the extent of participants.

If the Pass really wants to get its clientele back up, consider changing the percentage of payback of the machines. Don’t believe it? Try taking a poll. The Pass used to be a fun place to visit. However, those days are gone.

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