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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 3

Minimum wage increase is not a bad for business

Charles “Pepper” Coombes expressed dismay last week (in a letter to the editor) whenever the federal government wants to get involved in wage requirements. Would he be willing to join us in the 21st century?

The current minimum wage law at the federal level was enacted in 1938 and upheld as constitutional in 1941. Minimum wage in Nevada is set by the state and exceeds the amount set by the federal government.

Mr. Coombes attempts to perpetuate the myth that only employers have a stake in economic activity. Employees that actually produce wealth with their hands and minds apparently have no stake, and their worth is to be relegated to the whim of the employer.

Coombes implies that employees can merely shop around for employment in the manner a person shops for a gallon of milk.

He also attempts to render a false choice of a company spiraling down when minimum wages are increased. The reverse has been shown to be the case.

The majority of employees are paid above the minimum wage and increases impact a relatively small number. This false choice assumes that any business is entitled to continue operations.

Businesses that cannot compete on the same level field are not entitled to shortchange their employees. As any constitutionalist knows, businesses are not citizens and do have rights that exceeds those of real people.

Coombes is concerned about government reaching into the pockets of businesses. Clearly, he has no such qualms about his reaching into the pockets of Boulder City taxpayers as he has bellied up to the public trough for tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to benefit his business interests.

People deserve to be paid a fair wage. Coombes should not be entitled to the hard-earned dollars of taxpayers simply because he can get over on everyone else.

Employers should set wages

Thank you to (Charles) “Pepper” Combs for such a well-written piece on minimum wage. He stated it like it is.

Forcing an employer to pay a certain wage without any knowledge of his business is ludicrous. The average person does not understand the cost of doing business and all the extras an owner must pay.

There is workman’s comp, unemployment insurance, overhead, business supplies, uniforms, state, county, federal and various other taxes, not to mention the new health care plan going into effect. This will greatly impact all business owners that are trying to treat their employees well. All of this while being asked to donate money and gifts to outside organizations trying to lend a helping hand.

The majority of minimum-wage jobs are stepping stones to a better life and provide training in different skills.

More employers might pay higher on their own if you prove your worth. Dress correctly, speak proper English, do not use foul language, show up on time, not five minutes late, be able to do simple math without a computer, know the alphabet, learn true customer service and be willing to go above and beyond. Prove your worth and earn it.

I constantly see people of all ages who think they deserve better pay yet constantly show up late, wear clothes with big holes in them, can’t add 2 plus 2, are rude or ignore customers and think they deserve $15 an hour! That’s a laugh!

Be willing, able and ready to work and you will be surprised that you will receive your true value.

Thank you Boulder City!

The Boulder City Sunrise Rotary Club thanks the entire community for the very generous support of our annual WurstFest, where proceeds fund the highly chaperoned “All-Night Drug-and-Alcohol-Free Graduation Party” for our high school graduates on their special night. We sincerely thank the many student volunteers, coaches and parents who worked hundreds of hours, side by side with our Rotarians, to make this event a tremendous success.

Proceeds exceeding the cost of the party are returned to the community through our support of some 30-plus Boulder City organizations throughout the year. It’s all about service within our community.

TV reporter sheds light on Boulder City politics

Award-winning investigative reporter for KLAS-TV Channel 8, George Knapp, has once again brought to light some unscrupulous politics in our sleepy little town. This time it has to do with the appointment of a replacement for Police Chief Thomas Finn. The article can be found in Las Vegas CityLife, Sept. 9, Page 12,“More Fun In Boulder City” by George Knapp (http://lasvegascitylife.com/sections/opinion/knappster/more-fun-boulder-city.html). This is important information for all in our beloved Boulder City.

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