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Letters to the Editor

City needs grants to aid businesses after bypass built


We are glad to see the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City is receiving a $3.5 million federal grant to help address sinking headstones at the veterans cemetery.

Now, when will Boulder City receive a federal grant to assist all of the businesses to address the upcoming Interstate 11 being constructed to bypass Boulder City?

There has to be some kind of federal grants that can assist the businesses, and homeowners, with economic incentives for businesses to choose Boulder City for their home for nonpolluting manufacturing.

With a major interstate and potentially railroad system being built near Boulder City, this city should qualify for federal grants to assist businesses and homeowners with grants to move to Boulder City.

I believe Boulder City has a lot of acreage that could accommodate many new businesses that would provide new families to move to here.

With its history of building the Boulder (Hoover) Dam, it seems that the city should continue this history with new businesses to provide new families with a long and prosperous future in beautiful Boulder City.

With progress comes new ideas and adventures for a western family-oriented town like Boulder City.

Ed and Lois Denaut


City officials lost citizens' trust, support


There is a culture problem in this town.

Everywhere now, I hear people talking about how the city has done this or that shocking or underhanded thing, or are planning some other nefarious deed. Most of the time, I have no real way of knowing whether these complaints are true or are paranoid, but what has become clear to me is that the City Council and those who work for them have lost the trust and support of many citizens of this town.

Personally, I have been stonewalled, lied to, maligned and ignored by city officials. Most of the time, I do not even get a polite "Thank you" response to inquiries or letters. What is my big hot-button gripe with the city? Our community gardens. There is so much resistance and negativity associated with even requesting the smallest concession that one has to wonder if it is indeed true — our city officials have universal contempt for the citizens of this town. They lie to, threaten and make mischief for us with impunity.

It was very enlightening to watch our City Council members Tuesday night all profess their undying support of historic preservation in Boulder City and then unanimously vote to uphold the demolition permit for the historic hospital. Good work, guys.

At one time, citizens were labeled CAVE people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) because they objected to various city plans. Now, I think, it is time to turn that around. Our city has become the CAVE people — the City Against Virtually Everything — including the virtues of honesty, decency, fairness and openness.

Elizabeth Powell

Nothing to fear

A June 13 letter by Norma Vally claimed Pride Month in Boulder City is an example of identity politics that will cause divisiveness in our safe, kind, and welcoming town. I cannot disagree more.

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Happy with article

Letters to the Editor

A concrete plan