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Letters to the Editor

Traffic laws must be obeyed at all times

On Sunday, Aug. 23, at about 4:15 p.m., I was traveling east from Brentwood Drive toward Georgia Avenue when a white GMC Envoy with a pretty female driver and a smaller gray vehicle, possibly a Volkswagen Jetta, with what I believe to be a male driver, blew through the stop sign at Bermuda Dunes Drive onto Pebble Beach Drive. The white vehicle was too far into the intersection at that point to stop, as I came to a full stop, but the gray vehicle, that could have allowed me through, just came right on chasing the white vehicle while I sat there. I am thankful I was not traveling fast or it would have been a sad ending to my Sunday afternoon.

These vehicles went to the Woodbury home. I am writing this so the parents have the opportunity to counsel their youth or think twice about playing the game.

Joan Sharpe

Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

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