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Letters to the Editor

Significance of old hospital, architect must be considered


As I understand it, there are plans to demolish the old hospital originally built for Hoover Dam workers. There are also those in Boulder City who wish to keep this historic building.

Whatever the plans I suggest we stop and ponder the significance and history of this building designed by a man who designed other buildings in Boulder City, for one, the original visitors bureau at the corner of Arizona Street and Hotel Plaza, now Sherman’s Antiques. Among other structures, he is responsible for designing the Los Angeles Times building, (many homes in) Rancho Palo Verdes, California Institute of Technology, Claremont Colleges Library, St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Los Angeles, was the initial architect for Scripps College, the Santa Anita Race Track, all in California, and the list goes on.

He was partners with Warren A. Bechtel and Co. And, if the name Bechtel sounds familiar, it should as Bechtel was part of a consortium called Six Companies Inc., which built Hoover Dam. And, his partner who designed all the afore mentioned, Gordon B. Kaufmann, was the designer/architect of Hoover Dam and the spillways.

Sue Burger


Ransom's column shows healthy sense of humor


I just wanted to let you know that I love Tina Ransom's column; it's the best part of the Boulder City Review. She demonstrates that often the best way to perform one's job (especially police work) is with a healthy sense of humor.

Lisa Savy


God's love, word not always easy to accept


Long ago, pilgrims came to America seeking a land that would enable them to live their beliefs freely without persecution and prosecution. They were followers of Christ, readers and doers of God's word, the Bible. They persevered, learned new ways, and fought for the freedoms they found in America. Being human beings, far from perfect, they made mistakes and did not do everything right, but God saw their works, knew their hearts and they were blessed.

If anyone were to ask them why they lived the lives they did, and followed the commandments they did, they would have said, "because God says so in His Word" — Genesis, Romans 1, 1 Cor. 6, etc.

To this day, I and others still believe that that same Bible is the inerrant word of God, to be read and followed. It has been asked over time why certain people should not be allowed to do certain things, and it has been said because of family, children and on and on. Well, that may be, but the real reason is because God says so.

When I state a belief, it is from God's word — "Thy will be done not mine." God does not hate any person, nor do I, only the sin. Our responsibility is to spread his word; what the people do with it is their choice to make.

Remember the adage, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself." Ask yourself, what is it you are afraid of? When you see a cross, or hear the word, what is it you are afraid of? Yes, God is love, but love doesn't always mean getting or doing everything you want, sometimes it also means "tough love."

Love you. Make it a good day.

Linda Hiwa


Good thing dogs don't have ability to vote


Your dog is a Democrat.

1. They get free food. 2. They get free health care; if they like their testicles, they can keep them. 3. They get free toys. 4. They get free treats. 5. They get free trips to the park. 6. They get free grooming.

Yep your dog's a Democrat; let’s just thank God they can’t vote.

All paid for by someone else, and that’s me and you.

Larry Hunt

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