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Letters to the Editor

City’s future may benefit by embracing gay culture

The future belongs to those who plan and those whose plans accommodate change. Within hours of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage there were interests in Las Vegas acting to take advantage of the new tourist demographic. If Boulder City does not want to be bypassed, we need to act, too.

Were it not for its gay subculture, Palm Springs, would be just another desert oasis. We can learn from their example, and if we are honest with ourselves, acknowledge what has been going on all along. Like the electronic sign says: “Be Kind, Be Boulder.”

It was Councilman Cam (Walker) who showed that real men could cry in public. Mayor Rodney (Woodbury) has the most immaculate coif of any politician who ever took office by default.

Historically, our local leaders have been more than willing to bend over when opportunity came their way. Are we going to let this opportunity pass us by?

If you look around the town this is ample evidence of something going down. Can we dismiss the beefcake statues of dam workers as being strictly for local cougars?

How about the statue of the guy on Nevada, festooned with rolls of toilet paper, and wearing a Mona Lisa smile? Even the old gas station is getting a makeover and now looks like part of a rainbow flag.

If we truly are to be bolder we need to be open to change. Boulder City does not need another bar, but if redevelopment agency money is available, a bath house might make a go of it.

Since the failure of Hang Time Sports there has been persistent talk of Boulder City needing an events center. Can we double down on that bet and make it an all-inclusive, alternative-lifestyle-friendly, venue?

The historic hotel could increase it occupancy if it featured a Liberace impersonator playing the piano in the lobby. Perhaps the Red Mountain Music Co. can pack them in with its own rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

No man can stop the change in the tides and I know when the tide is changing. Let us look to the opportunities this change presents.

Whether it is one group or another, there will always be someone who feels excluded, and special interests that are given priority.

I am not so enamored of our current status quo that I am unwilling to see what benefits real change can bring. Turnabout is fair play and I would welcome the chance to see this play out.

As Justice (Clarence) Thomas pointed out in his dissent, dignity is neither granted nor removed by government.

Dick Farmer

Community’s generosity provides home for statue

In May 2014, a sculpture created by Gregory Johnson of Cummings, Ga., entitled “Jack’s Story Time” was placed in the central business district of Boulder city as part of the annual Boulder City Art Scape exhibit.

Soon after the placement, someone suggested “this belongs in the Boulder City Library.” The idea caught on and 42 of our local residents made financial contributions totaling $12,500 and made it happen.

“Jack’s Story Time” was recently moved from the uptown location and permanently placed in the library’s entry. To all of the generous citizens who made this possible, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Darlene Burk

Boulder City Public Art Scape

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