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Letters to the editor

Muth’s defense of fossil fuels incomplete

Mr. (Chuck) Muth must be running out of things to say. His column of June 3, “Fossil fuels provide dependable power,” is full of the obvious, and avoids the opportunity to discuss relevant points of difficulty.

He praises relatively cheap fossil fuels without mentioning that their use results in carbon dioxide enriching the atmosphere and being absorbed into the oceans (not to mention the nitrogen oxides, carbon particles and other pollutants), at no cost to the utility or vehicle owner.

What are the costs and who pays for a few extra hurricanes, tornadoes, rain storms, blizzards, and higher sea levels? All these are expected results of a warmer atmosphere, which follows from enriching it with carbon dioxide.

He doesn’t mention that the use of fossil fuels dependably means oil and gas line leaks, oil and coal train derailments, gas well methane emissions, underwater well blowouts, and tanker accidents. Along with the tax breaks and cheap mineral rights, cleanup of the aftermath of such accidents is partially borne by emergency responders and volunteers.

Just what are the real subsidies going to the fossil fuel industry Mr. Muth?

It is obvious that solar and wind are not steady, 24/7 sources of power. That is no reason to argue that they have no place in our power systems.

Are we so simple-minded that we can’t consider an integrated system, using the relative advantage of different components to achieve our ends? And if solar electric power is so expensive, why are solar power plants being installed in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Mr. Muth, we need air conditioning to live well in this desert. How about a discussion about the sense of encouraging yet more people to live here, where you can’t just open a window to cool off at night, and there is not enough water already?

William Belknap

Friends thank all for support of talent show

Thank you to all who came out and supported our “BC’s Got Talent” show.

The weather held and it was an amazing evening.

A special thanks to all of the participants, and our sponsors: Copper Mountain, Boulder City Library, Albertsons, Friends of the Arts and the city of Boulder City.

We are planning some new ideas for next year. Look for a new format.

The date next year will be April 30, at 7 p.m. at the Boulder City Library. Keep your eyes peeled for a free concert coming right around the corner.

Thank you.

Board of directors,

Friends of the Arts

Rotarians glad for support to fund grad night fest

The Boulder City Sunrise Rotary Club wishes to thank the families of the 2015 graduates of Boulder City High School for allowing us to entertain and care for your graduates at the 25th annual all-night drug- and alcohol-free heavily chaperoned graduation party. That’s right, it has been our pleasure for a quarter of a century to provide a night of safe fun for these young adults on this very important night of their lives and at no cost to the graduates or their families.

This year’s group, including the Sunrise chaperones, enjoyed two venues and safely arrived back in Boulder City around 5:30 a.m. Friday. Following a brief gathering, all graduates left with “spendable” gifts and some with cash awards of $100, $250, $500 and one lucky winner started the day with $1,000.

Ask a 2015 graduate about their experience.

Members of Facebook can view images from the party by entering “Boulder City Grad Night Party” in the search screen.

Again, we thank the community for supporting our annual Wurstfest where proceeds fund this all-night grad party and help to fund over 30 other worthy communitywide causes. We hope to see you in the park Sept. 26 for the 19th annual Wurstfest and a year from now the families of the BCHS class of 2016 will thank you.

Boulder City Sunrise Rotary Club

Harold Begley, president

Legion auxiliary thanks residents for placing flags

The American Legion Auxiliary would like to thank the following volunteers for decorating the graves at the Boulder City Cemetery over the Memorial Day weekend.

Jessie Aldridge, Ian Aldridge, Betty Damico, Gary and Diane Chimko, D.S. Lilly, Chick Brazle, Dorothy Rants, Brent Saberry, Max Chatwin, members of Boy Scout Troop 7, Lar Nelson, Harold Begley, Doug West, Barb West, Kyle Effertz, Ron Effertz, Margie McCay, Barb Worrall, Lane Worrall, Jesus Velasquez, Bill McElvee, Nolan Burke, George Pittman, and Dawn Walker.

Our commander, Greg Hall, as Post 31, receives special thanks for walking the boulder City Cemetery on Sunday morning to make sure all the graves were decorated. Veterans were not forgotten this Memorial Day Weekend, 2015.

Linda Graham, president

American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 31, Boulder City

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