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Letters to the editor

Experts, aka teachers, should be consulted for school remodel

This letter is in response to Roxanne Dey’s recent letter regarding the demolition and construction beginning at Boulder City High School. I would first congratulate her on serving on a committee that was designed to advocate for issues regarding the education of children here.

My letter the previous week dealt with the lack of input being sought from teachers by politicians in how best the next generation of Americans should be educated. Several BCHS teachers have made clear the absence of input they have had in the process of building a better high school. Regrettably, it appears Ms. Dey also does not believe her committee needs to seek input from the experts in the field.

Her long-winded defense of Cam Walker misses the point. Mr. Walker’s transgression in dealing with contracts is well documented elsewhere. The process of decision making in the recesses of government in Boulder City rather than in full view of everyone is apparent to me. A concern of mine is whether this was yet another example.

I am an alumnus of BCHS. My father was a teacher at BCHS for many of the formative years of what has become a standout in the bleak and underfunded educational system in Clark County. We all should strive for the best at BCHS.

While the alignment of flag poles is important, the focus should remain on providing the facilities that allow teachers to deliver quality education. It is clear we have the highest caliber of teachers here in Boulder City. We should not hesitate to look to them for their expertise at all levels and at all times.

The politicians should work to get things done. Leave the planning to the experts in the field.

Kiernan McManus

Art Scape seeks support to place ‘Storytime’ statue at library

On behalf of the Boulder City Public Art Scape, I would like to thank everyone who has already supported the purchase of the statue “Jack’s Storytime” by artist Gregory Johnson, which will be donated to the Boulder City Library for permanent display after our fundraising effort is reached in the amount of $12,500.

This delightful sculpture cast in bronze with multicolored patina features a young boy reading a book, and his imaginary story time animals: Mother Goose, frog, turtle, rabbit and piglet. All are mounted on a 36-inch base, which features ground cover, a tree stump and an overturned apple basket. This is a wonderful testimony to our imagination as children.

If you would like to participate and help us reach our fundraising goal, please contact the Boulder City Public Art Scape at 702-293-7731.

Darlene Burk

Nothing to fear

A June 13 letter by Norma Vally claimed Pride Month in Boulder City is an example of identity politics that will cause divisiveness in our safe, kind, and welcoming town. I cannot disagree more.

Letters to the Editor

Happy with article

Letters to the Editor

A concrete plan