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Letters to the editor

Youngsters’ manners speak highly of parents’ roles

I occasionally “lunch” at a popular Boulder City old town café that hires local kids. This small town is home to the nicest, most considerate youngsters I have ever met. That says something about Boulder City parenting (and grandpareting).

Ramon Collins

Artists should be recognized for their work

I’m a bit flummoxed. There’s been two articles about the new artwork in Bootleg Canyon and not one word mentioning the designer, manufacturer and/or installer. Did the work just appear out of the earth? Did an estate pay for it? Did the city pay for it? If so, there must be a trail of documentation that would be quite simple to follow.

I wish this were the first time that something wonderful like this happens in Boulder City and not one word is mentioned about the company providing the service/art/work. Just try to find the name of the fireworks company that does the Independence Day display in any publication here in Boulder City.

Christy Cutting

Letters to the Editor

Happy with article

Letters to the Editor

A concrete plan