Letters to the editor

Repairs in 10 minutes not what they seem

Hi everyone in Boulder City. There are four young men driving around town saying that they can fix your car from fading paint in 10 minutes. I let them try but it did not work.

I paid them some money and they drove off. They were in a black SUV.

They also said they could fix my driveway by putting a filler on it. Who knows what all they could fix in 10 minutes.

Edward Olson

City needs to heed own advice to save water

I really enjoy the fliers sent to me monthly with my utilities bill. Several times I have seen “Water Wise Tips” detailing how one can adjust watering schedules to conserve this valuable resource. Why then can the city not follow its own advice?

Case in point: Each Friday the city waters the lawns at Broadbent Park by the city pool. Those who, like me, frequent the pool, find the front end of the vehicles soaked. The pavement in the parking lot is also drenched.

Could these sprinklers be adjusted in such a manner as to water the lawn instead of the parking lot? This would maximize the use of the water and help preserve the asphalt paving in the parking lot. An additional bonus is that people would not have to put up with water-marked cars.

If the sprinklers cannot be properly adjusted, could the watering schedule be adjusted to a later time, (maybe) 10 p.m. to midnight?

Robert J. Hartman

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