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Venue sought for exhibit of clean-energy inventions

Dennis Myers’ column “Distrust of scientists has a history” includes U.S. government lying about A-bomb test fallout effects. For decades the U.S. government has also suppressed clean-energy inventions.

I happen to have prepared a proposal to exhibit in Boulder City’s City Hall a gallery of clean-energy inventions. It comprises 16 larger generators, 25 smaller generators, 16 advanced self-powered electric vehicle innovations, 25 radioactivity neutralization methods, 22 space travel innovations, 10 technical solutions to water shortages, and torsion field school network. The exhibit file is linked at https://app.box.com/cleanenergyexhibit.

The file includes photographs of the 50 total horizontal feet of otherwise unproductive bare walls inside the City Hall for the seven separate exhibits. As a minor attraction, assume it draws a daily average of 20 tourists the four days a week City Hall is open. If the tourists each spend in Boulder City restaurants and stores an average of $12.50, the gallery of clean-energy inventions would add $1,000 per week to Boulder City’s economy at no cost to Boulder City.

For my Nov. 10 meeting with two Boulder City officials, I laid out and photographed the entire gallery on tables and floors around City Hall. We had a friendly conversation. We wondered if City Hall is an appropriate venue. A disadvantage is that City Hall is closed Fridays and weekends. We left trying to find an alternative Boulder City location for the gallery of clean-energy inventions.

Gary Vesperman

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