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Letters to the editor

Good Samaritans’ help with flat tire appreciated

About two weeks ago I had the misfortune of ruining a tire on the curb of the sharp exit corner from CVS/pharmacy on to Buchanan Boulevard. While that curb needs some reconfiguration and is a well-known driving hazard in Boulder City, I have faith that CVS will rise to the occasion to fix that problem in time.

Out of that misfortune a very nice thing happened to me that I would like the whole of Boulder City to know about. Two very nice young people driving something like a bright yellow Camaro sports car caught up with me just after I had crossed Adams Boulevard going south on Buchanan. As I was surveying the damage to the tire they asked me, “Do you need some help?”

Being an 86-year-old handicapped senior with a very sore aching back, what could I say? I was able to direct them to the “doughnut,” the miniaturized spare tire provided by Honda and well-hidden under the floor mat in the center of the car. I even remembered where the jack and lug wrench were kept in a separate compartment to the rear.

They made me an honorary supervisor of the job and proceeded to make short work of the task. Not having enough to do I tipped my rolling walker over backward, landing on my back in the gravel above the curb.

Without missing a beat, the young man helped me up, propped me up in my walker against the wall, and returned to assist the young lady with the primary task at hand. She had changed tires before and was progressing expeditiously.

I was very blessed and grateful for their assistance. Whenever you see a bright yellow sports car cruising around Boulder City, give it a high five for me. It contains good Samaritans, just as real as those referenced in Luke 10:30-37.

Don Walker

Pastor’s family thankful for support through tragedy

The family of Jim Kitchell would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the family, friends and community who surrounded us with love and care during our recent loss.

Thank you to Cindy (Ford) at Southwest Diner. Your food is delicious; your help was extraordinary. Mere words are inadequate to describe our gratitude for your graciousness to us throughout this journey.

We are grateful, of course, to the ladies of Christian Center for the after-service luncheon and the organization of meals. Your “Helping Hands” ministry is such a beautiful expression of Jesus’ love.

Thank you to Tyson (Smith) at Boulder City Family Mortuary for your compassion, excellence and professionalism. Your tireless efforts and countless hours dedicated to quality did not go unnoticed. We walked away from this experience feeling that we were not just a number or a customer, we were friends. Your commitment truly reflects the family spirit of Boulder City.

After a tragedy, there is understandable shock, a bit of chaos and a flurry of activity in an attempt to process the event and make arrangements. In light of that, it is possible that we may unintentionally miss a specific thank you note here or there.

Please know that we are grateful to each and every note, card, gift, flower, meal, act of help and donation in Pastor Jim’s honor. It is the Lord’s strength and love shown by His people that carry us through times of difficulty.

What a neat showing of love and support we had at Jim’s memorial service. We enjoyed seeing so many old friends, and embraced this silver lining. Many traveled several miles to attend the services. Though we were unable to see every person, we appreciated all those who joined us that day.

We miss Jim, but treasure the memories we made with him. We rejoice because we know he is with Jesus. Our comfort, our confidence, our hope is in Jesus Christ who conquered death. Because he lives, our separation is only temporary.

Thank you all for your love and prayers. They are truly lifting us up above the storm.

The family of James Kitchell

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