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Letters to the editor

Council passes high fees to taxpayers again

The Boulder City Council sticks it to taxpayers again, just like it did for the Boulder Creek (Golf Club) fiasco. It was a no-brainer that we could see coming from the beginning.

With us not being able to vote on issues, residents just have to sit back and pay, pay and pay for incompetence — just as we have been doing for the flawed land leases and flawed contracts. The Boulder Creek disaster has cost residents hundreds of millions in losses, resulting in having to take over the city’s obligations for subsidizing the golf course when the burden was shifted to residents because it was depleting the city’s funds. The council reduced Boulder Creek’s utility rates 60 percent and passed the costs to the taxpayers.

Now, the Southern Nevada Water Authority has its own fiasco that we had no vote on as the city sued us to keep us from voting.

It was never supposed to cost existing water users a penny because it would be paid for entirely by new customers. But they immediately raised water rates and started charging water users for water they weren’t using.

Then they instituted another water rate increase, and another with an annual rate increase. Now there is another increase of 60 percent.

Despite all the glowing reports on how well they are managing this water district, it seems the water district is billions in debt.

Boulder City should erect a wreath to the City Council and inscribe it with the words “Common sense dies here.” It should be hung from the $500,000 arch — another council gem — at the entrance to the city.

Think about it when you look at your water bill and then send the council a thank-you note.

On an interesting note, Boulder Creek (Golf Club) was using 50 million gallons of water a month to water its disaster and, at one time, I believe had an unpaid water bill of close to $9 million. We never did find out how it was resolved.

Al Wengert

Nothing to fear

A June 13 letter by Norma Vally claimed Pride Month in Boulder City is an example of identity politics that will cause divisiveness in our safe, kind, and welcoming town. I cannot disagree more.

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