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Letters to the editor

Time to move onto pressing issues

I have spent many years enjoying the array of articles and opinion letters in the Boulder City Review. However in the last year it seems to me that this newspaper, along with a select group of individuals, have gone out of their way to target former Chief of Police Thomas Finn.

Mr. Jennings’ letter to the editor last week took the cake. The city fired Finn and cited no reason for doing so. Mr. Jennings on the other hand, as an ex-employee of the police department, seems to be the expert on the reasoning behind the firing. The letter from Mr. Jennings is written almost a year after Finn was fired and a “chief of police administration” was put in his place.

I’m sorry Mr. Jennings if you are upset that you were passed over for the position when Finn was hired. I’m sure you were upset that you were demoted by Finn, and I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant when you lost your Employee Management Relations Board and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints you filed against the city. I hope you and the rest of your group can move on to more pressing issues and leave Finn out of the news because quite frankly it is beginning to sound like a broken record.

Councilman (Cam) Walker’s comment regarding his pending ethics charge was also disturbing. How is this charge “mudslinging” by Finn? I would have more respect for Councilman Walker if he took responsibility for his actions and held our city attorney, Dave Olsen, accountable for his continued bad advice and wrong legal opinions as well as abusing his position by serving as an “expert witness” for his son in a lawsuit against the city. That is a story many of us residents would like to read and know more about.

I have not read any comments from Finn in this paper for many months, so one can assume he has moved on; you should do the same.

Linda McCann

City staff great help coordinating special events

I would like to say a thank you to all of the city staff, especially the parks and recreation department and the business office. They are a tremendous help in putting together special events and providing needed information.

They are always available to answer questions and have been a font of knowledge. It’s such a pleasure to work with well-run city departments.

Small-town life is wonderful. Thank you!

Christy Springgate-Hill

Letters to the Editor

Happy with article

Letters to the Editor

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