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Letters to the editor

Letter writer should supply evidence against marijuana

In his letter to the Boulder City Review, Feb. 20, Clyde Dinkins urged residents to support the City Council’s proposal to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in our city. It has long been the argument by law enforcement and anti-medical marijuana advocates that government sanctioned dispensaries cause a rise in crime.

This argument is not necessarily true, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health. The study, conducted in 2009 throughout California, found that neighborhoods with medical pot dispensaries were no more likely to have crime than other neighborhoods.

Mr. Dinkins also implies in his letter that pot dispensaries have caused America to slip into “a morass of moral chaos” and that our children are being seduced into lives of crimes that will ruin them forever. He did not provide a shred of evidence to support his wild allegations. The truth is, he has no evidence.

In fact, there is data that strongly suggest that state-sponsored medical marijuana laws caused documented declines in adolescent marijuana use, according to Mitch Earleywine, professor of psychology, at State University of New York.

The benefits of medical marijuana use have been documented by medical professionals for decades. It is not a matter of if there will be dispensaries here in Nevada; voters decided that long ago. The question is: Where? State and local governments are deciding exactly where dispensaries will be and the details of how they will be regulated.

An article in the Boulder City Review last week about the city attorney’s written report to the council, says that Mr. (Dave) Olsen noted the dangers of marijuana use, but failed to mention the many positive health effects, especially for patients with terminal illnesses. A ban on medical marijuana in our city would only make it harder for those among us who have terminal illnesses, as well as others, who have a real need for its healing properties.

I would urge the council to take no action and table the motion at the next council meeting. Why not wait and see how the issue pans out in the next few years? Why the hurry? It would be foolish to disqualify ourselves from the possible untold financial benefits that may be possible by allowing some of the citizens of Boulder City access to something that would make their lives so much better.

Vote “no” on the ban.

Jim Cisco

New home needed for dog

I want to say how positively impressed I have been by the people of Boulder City. I live in the East Bay of San Francisco, where people tend to keep to themselves in neighborhoods.

For the past several years I have been visiting my dad in Boulder City, and I always find caring people who are willing to help one another. Today, I need to ask for help in finding a new home in Boulder City for my dad’s beloved dog. Dad now lives in the Nevada State Veterans Home in town and all family members live out of state. He would like to continue to see his “baby.”

If you can share this information with others, we will appreciate it.

“Dali” Lama is a healthy male Lhasa apso. He is neutered, crate and house trained, current on shots. He weighs about 14 pounds, is 13 years old and he can scamper and take you for walks. Since last August, Dali has been the only dog in the house, and now he prefers it that way. When he recently was introduced to other dogs for potential foster or adopted homes, he wanted to be the only dog.

If someone can help, please call my cell 925-286-0868.

With gratitude,

Cynthia Sizeler

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