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Letters to the Editor

Facts missing about limited parking area near dentist’s office

In response to the letter about “Limited parking near hospital not good,” please get the facts straight on why the cones are on the south side of the private parking lot of the dental office in front of the Boulder City Hospital.

1. The cones have been placed there since March 2016.

2. This parking area (nine spaces) is reserved for our dental staff. The parking area on the west side of the building is for our dental patients and the east side of the building parking belongs to Family Doctors for its patients.

3. The emergency outpatient entrance was built years ago without providing parking. The governor’s committee for the handicapped advised the hospital to install a ramped sidewalk and provide handicapped parking in the mid-1980s. They then ramped the sidewalk and provided four spaces on the east side of the emergency room. Our west side lot is unsafe for handicapped parking because of the slope of the asphalt. This presents a property liability to our office.

4. During the 2015-2016 emergency room renovation I attempted to discuss the correction of the parking problem with the hospital four times. Finally, I was told by the hospital administrator that the “ER” entrance on the north side of the hospital is an outpatient entrance and not an emergency entrance and parking is provided in the hospital’s main parking lot.

5. We have never stopped a “sick” or elderly patient from parking in our lot. We have also asked that the emergency room employees not park there.

Wanda Rosenbaum

Safety manager

Kudos to crisis intervention team

On the morning of Tuesday, June 28, my neighbor called to ask if I knew why traffic was backed up going toward Hoover Dam. I went online to find out that Metropolitan Police Department was in negotiations with a woman threatening to commit suicide on the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. My prayers went out automatically to her and all involved. Thankfully at 10:47 a.m. it was announced that the adult female was in custody.

This incident brought to memory a program I heard some time ago on KNPR. It was a segment interviewing people who had failed in their attempts to commit suicide. One particularly moving testimony came from a man who had jumped off a bridge and survived. What he said was quite sobering, “As soon as my hands left the railing, I knew I had made a mistake.” Thank God he lived to share this wisdom.

Kudos to the crisis intervention team, along with the Nevada Highway Patrol and our Boulder City Police Department for once again saving the day.

Linda Barnett

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Letters to the Editor

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