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LMNRA has deep roots in Boulder City

We at Lake Mead National Recreation Area are constantly amazed and grateful for the support from the Boulder City community. We also strive to provide great service to the people of this great town.

Our employees come from all over the country and bring with them a range of experience and skills. Many of these outstanding employees also grew up right here, on the streets of Boulder City. They bring unique local perspectives to our park, and they are committed to working with us to support the town they know and love.

Here are just a few of the many members of your community who support you as members of our National Park Service community.

Nicole Williams is a concession management specialist in our commercial services division. She was born in Las Vegas Women’s Hospital and has lived in Boulder City her entire life. She traces the roots of many friendships and her passion for ballet all the way back to her introduction at age 3 to Dance Etc., led by original owner Miss Amy. Much of her childhood was also spent creating wonderful memories on the family boat – a tradition she and her husband continue to this day.

Nicole’s fondness for national parks led her to seek a job at Lake Mead. “When I heard about job openings on ‘USA Jobs’ for the park service, I felt ready to transition. Once hired, each day at the park has been unique, and I’ve discovered a fulfilling role that I truly cherish,” she said.

Working here helps Nicole serve her community while conserving the lake that has been a significant part of her upbringing.

“I love Boulder City and Lake Mead, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have grown up in such a peaceful and remarkable small town. Working for Lake Mead and actively participating in shaping the future of our lake has been an incredible experience.”

Justin Grigg is a public safety dispatcher at the Lake Mead Interagency Communication Center. He answers emergency service calls from multiple locations in Nevada, dispatches appropriate law enforcement, medical, or fire resources to respond to incidents, and provides support for law enforcement staff in the park. He has lived in Boulder City since he was 10 years old.

“Perhaps I’m biased, but I believe Boulder City to be one of the best towns in America,” he said. “It is the safest town in Nevada and in my opinion has the best community. It is a blessing to have grown up in such a town.”

Some of Justin’s favorite memories of living here include joining Boulder City High School’s marching/concert band, directed by “the late, great James Gillette,” as well as his involvement in the theater program, directed by Heidi Lee.

An interest in law enforcement drew Justin to work at the park. He likes his role as a lifeline to the public and is glad to know many people he helps every day are fellow Boulder City residents.

“It’s immensely gratifying and an honor to have a role in supporting and protecting the Boulder City community while they partake in Nevada’s great outdoors.”

When you enter Lake Mead, you may recognize sisters Jamie Smale and Stacy Provenza. Jamie, who has worked at the park for almost 11 years, started on the Desert Princess for Lake Mead Cruises, and is now the superviser for the Willow Beach entrance station. Stacy, three years into working at the park, also started at Lake Mead Cruises, and is now a recreation fee clerk for the Boulder Beach entrance station.

They arrived in Boulder City as children in 1977. Their dad brought them from New York to Nevada, where he became the captain of the Mark V tour boat that ran tours from Lake Mead Marina to the Hoover Dam. They actually lived in the Boulder Beach Campground for a few weeks when they first arrived, so they quickly got to know the park.

Some of their favorite shared memories involve the endless hours of fun every year at the Boulder City Fourth of July festivities. These days, they also enjoy spending days off at the lake fishing, kayaking or boating with their families.

They credit this town with preparing them for their park jobs.

“Growing up in Boulder City has given us the knowledge to better help our visitors to provide information and history on the highlights of our town, like shopping, dining and entertainment.”

Beau Dunbar is another Boulder City native who loved the Fourth of July celebrations growing up. He is the acting maintenance supervisor for the park’s south district, which covers Cottonwood Cove, Katherine Landing, and Temple Bar.

Beau was not only born in the Boulder City Hospital himself, but he comes from multiple generations of people who are tied to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

“My grandfather was one of the original 31ers who came to work on the Hoover Dam. My family has been here ever since. To be able to work down here at the lake makes everything feel like it came full circle,” he said.

Beau took a circuitous route to his job at the park. He started out doing summer hire positions for the maintenance division, but his first permanent government job was working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Mississippi. This opened the door for him to eventually return to his beloved hometown as a permanent maintenance employee at the park.

Beau still has fond memories of riding his bike all over town with friends and family as a kid. He likes that he now performs an important role in providing a clean and safe recreation area for them and others to enjoy. And to this day, he has a simple response when asked about Boulder City: “I love it.”

If you are interested in working at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, you’ll be happy to know that they are always hiring. Check out www.usajobs.gov for the latest job advertisements.

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