Local Golf Results

Tournaments for those 55 or older are held the first Thursday of the month.

Aug. 7, Four-Person Color Ball Two Scores tournaments for Plus 55 Boulder City Men’s/Women’s Golf Association

Closest to the pin winners for holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17: Wade Cordray, Ken Miyazono, Bev Nelson and Jess Hinojosa.

Flight A, first-place winners at 113: Frosty Forcheskie, Paul Gorman, Ron Ohlhausen and Ken Taylor.

Second-place winners at 123: Dotie Kane, Barbara Baugh, Benjie Sarnessar and Cecil Short.

Flight B first-place winners at 124: Jess Hinojosa and Cathy Mills with a blind draw).

Second-place winners at 127: John Ryan, Brad Kreutzer, Kieth Hoffman and Gary Clark.

Men’s club tournaments are held every month on Friday and Saturday around the middle of each month.

July 18 and 19, Two-Person Best Ball tournaments for Boulder City Men’s Golf Association

Friday Flight 1, first-place winners at 61: Mark Holmstrand and Garland Saip.

Second-place winners at 63: Benji Sarnessar and Cecil Short.

Third-place winners at 66: Randy Lemos and Bruce Gold.

Flight 2, first-place winners at 60: Kyle Davis and Rob Jackson.

Second-place winners at 64: Ken Miyazono and Paul Butterfield.

Third-place winners at 65: Bob Kennedy and Ernie Green.

Flight 3, first-place winners at 61: Clark Newby and Wayne Ross.

Second-place winners at 61: Ken Taylor and Paul Gorman.

Third-place winners at 66: Amo Sanchez and Ken Delzer.

Saturday Flight 1, first place winners at 61: Dan Ward and Cecil Short.

Second-place winners at 62: Darryl Gutierrez and Warren Dean.

Flight 2, first-place winners at 61: Mark Gutierrez and Chris Charlton.

Second-place winners at 62: Glen Colgate and Jason Bardol.

Flight 3, first-place winners at 63: Mike Frye and Larry Eden.

Second-place winners at 65: Wendy Layne and Mike Layne.

Information on how to join these two local golf associations is available on the corresponding bulletin boards at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course.

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