Local golf results

May 7, Four-person “Throw Mama From the Train” two best ball for Plus 55 Boulder City Men’s/Women’s Golf Association:

Flight A, first-place winners at 83: Clark Newby, Jess Hamilton, Garland Saip and a blind draw.

Second-place winners at 85: Larry Arnold, Lary Street, Amo Sanchez and Jeff Novak.

Third-place winners at 89: Dee Imboden, Marla Effertz, Steve Koon and Ken Miyazono.

Flight B, first-place winners at 84: Al Robinson, Kathy Robinson, Ray Thurston and Bonnie Godtel.

Second-place winners at 87: Teresa Giroux, Jim Turner, Gerry Turner and a blind draw.

Third-place winners at 87: Randy Lemos, John Ryan, Keith Hoffman and Brad Kreutzer.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17 Jess Hinojosa, Benji Sarnessar, Marla Effertz and Bruce Courtney, respectively:.

Tournaments for those 55 and older are held the first Thursday of the month.

May 15, Four Man Scramble tournament for Boulder City Men’s Golf Association:

Flight one winners at 61: Bob Jones, Russ Gilmore, Jeremy Jensen and Kyle Davis.

Flight two winners at 66: Steve Betley, Ron Ohlhausen, Bruce Gold and Ken Taylor.

Flight three winners at 70: Benji Sarnessar, Lary Street, Ernie Green and Cecil Short.

Flight four winners at 68: Mike Frye, Larry Eden, Jeff Novak and Keith Hoffman.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17: Benji Sarnessar, Bob Jones, Cecil Short and Bruce Gold, respectively.

May 16

Flight one winners at 61: Bill Ambergey, Lynn Parker and Mr. White.

Flight two winners at 64: Dan Ward, Cecil Short and Jim Tousignant

Flight three winners at 63: Charles Mailhot, John Blanken, Rick Fellows and Kevin Rossiter

Flight four winners at 69: Glen Colgate, Guy Nelson, Jason Bardol and Jason Ng.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17: Jim Tousignant, Mark Gutierrez, Bill Amburgey and Bob Jones, respectively.

Annual combined tournament for Boulder City Men’s Club and the Boulder City Women’s Club. Four Person Modified Scramble Tournament, May 26.

First gross at 65: Dave Weir, Akiko Noda, Sue May, Larry Arnold

Second gross at 67: Jim Turner, Sue Rambo, Tom Younggren, Sandy Barletta, Larry Eden

Third gross at 69: Monica Kaili, Keith Hoffman, Lauren Lucas, Jeff Novak

First net at 57: Wade Cordray, Sue McCullough, Patty Speer, Ken Kanops

Second net at 58.5: Cecil Short, Kathy Robinson, Monica Fairbanks, Ernie Green

Third net at 59.3: Debbie Love, Kate Ulrich, John Ryan, Amo Sanchez

Closest to the pin by the ladies on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17: Sue May, Akiko Noda, Sue Rambo and Lauren Lucas, respectively.

Closest to the pin by the gentlemen on holes No. 7, 14 and 17: Amo Sanchez, Phil Sewell and Wade Cordray, respectively.

Information on how to join these Boulder City golf associations is available on the bulletin boards at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course. Information also is available about the Winterwood Men’s Golf and Boulder City Women’s Golf associations.

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