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Local Golf Results

Golf results

March 5, four-person two best balls tournament for Plus 55 Boulder City Men’s/Women’s Golf Association:

Flight A, first-place winners at 114: Randy Lemos, Jim Turner, Gerry Turner and Bill Montana.

Second-place winners at 119: Larry Eden, Mike Frye, Larry Arnold and Jeff Novak.

Third-place winners at 120: Dotie Kane, Roger Montgomery, Benji Sarnessar and Cecil Short.

Flight B, first-place winners at 119: Al Robinson, Kathy Robinson, Ray Thurston and Bonnie Godtel.

Second-place winners at 121: Dale Pittman, Kieth Hoffman and John Ryan with a blind draw.

Third-place winners at 122: Jess Hamilton, Clark Newby, Garland Saip and Dave Betley.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17: Dave Weir, Paul Gorman, Larry Eden and Ruth Ellis.

Tournaments for those 55 and older are held every first Thursday of the month.

March 20, four-person total score tournaments for Boulder City Men’s Golf Association:

Flight one winners at 282: Gordon Garff, Curtis Ginnow, Kyle Davis and Ron Ruthe.

Flight two winners at 297: Benji Sarnessar, Gary Moles, John Milburn and JR Nelson.

Flight three winners at 283: Bruce Gold, Ken Taylor, Ron Ohlhausen and Paul Gorman.

Flight four winners at 287: Clark Newby and Ken Miyazono with blind draws.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17 were Gordon Garff, Chad Anderson, Paul Butterfield and Wade Cordray.

March 21, flight one winners at 299: Mark Gutierrez, Darryl Gutierrez and Mack Mosser with a blind draw.

Flight two winners at 277: Cecil Short, Dan Ward and Darren Hall with a blind draw.

Flight three winners at 293: Russ Gilmore and Bobbi Jones with blind draws.

Flight four winners at 291: Lary Street, Clark Newby and Ken Miyozano with a blind draw.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17: Mike Frye, Lou Kachnik, Mack Mosser and Jim Tousigant.

Men’s Club tournaments are held every month on Friday and Saturday around the middle of each month.

Information on how to join these two Boulder City Golf associations is available on the bulletin boards at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course. Information on how to join the Winterwood Men’s Golf and Boulder City Women’s Golf associations also is available.

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