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Local Golf Results

▶ Feb. 4, four-person throw mama from the train two-best net score format, for Plus 55 Boulder City Men’s/Women’s Golf Association Flight A first-place winners at 89: Roger Montgomery, Dottie Kane, Benji Sarnessar and Cecil Short.

Second-place winners at 91: Dave Weir, Sheryl Mayes, Kate Ulrich and Mark Sugden. Flight B first-place winners with a tie at 85: Al Robinson, Kathy Robinson, Bonnie Godtel and Harold Begley, and Larry Arnold, Ken Konops, Jeff Finney and Phil Sewell.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively: Steve Koon, Marla Effertz, Al Robinson and Benji Sarnessar.

▶ Feb. 19, four-person two-best ball tournaments for Boulder City Men’s Golf Association Flight one first-place winners at 119: DW Warczak, Mark Holmstrand, Garland Saip and Jim Stephens.

Flight two first-place winners at 119: Wade Cordray and Ernie Green with two blind draws.

Flight three first-place winners at 118: Larry Eden and Jeff Novak with two blind draws.

Flight four first-place winners at 121: Larry Arnold, Ken Konops, Phil Sewell and Larry Langley.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively: Jeff Novak, DW Warczak, DW again and Steve Betley.

▶ Feb. 20 Flight one first-place winners at 123: Lou Kachnik, Bill Bahr, Anthony Spingler and Romeo Ramos. Flight two first-place winners at 118: Darren Hall, Dan Ward, Jim Tousignant and blind draw.

Flight three first-place winners at 120: Glen Colgate and Jason Bardol with two blind draws.

Flight four first-place winners at 124: Jeff Morgan, Lary Street, Clark Newby and W. P. Layne.

Closest to the pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively: Darren Hall, Jack Brumfield, Jeff Morgan and Mike Farrah.

Information on how to join these two Boulder City golf associations is available on the bulletin boards at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course. Information on how to join the Winterwood Men’s and Boulder City Women’s golf associations also is available.

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