Local Golf Results

Oct. 1 four-person scramble for Plus 55 Boulder City Men’s/Women’s Golf Association

Flight A, first place at 55.4: Alan Thomas, Jess Hinojosa, Birdie Hurst and Bruce Courtney.

Second place at 58.2: Roger Montgomery, Dottie Kane, Benji Sarnessar and Cecil Short.

Third place at 58.4: Wade Cordray, Bob Kennedy, Ernie Green and Carlene Voerding.

Flight B, first place at 51.7: Jess Hamilton, Clark Newby, Wayne Ross and Garland Saip.

Second place at 56.4: Bonnie Godtel, Kathy Robinson and Ray Thurston.

Third place at 58.4: M. Boes, Kieth Hoffman, Cathy Mills and John Ryan.

Closest-to-the-pin winners on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively, were Katie Ulrich, Kieth Hoffman, Steve Koon and Wade Cordray.

Tournaments for those 55 and older are held the first Thursday of every month.


Oct. 16 and 17 Individual Club Championship for Boulder City Men’s Golf Association

The first two rounds played in September/October tournaments were used

Club Champion at 76 and 71 gross is Gordan Garff. Runner-up at 74 and 79 is Kyle Davis.

First flight, first net at 68 and 71 is Garland Sip. Second at 71 and 72 is Dwight Warczak. Third at 76 and 67 is Lynn Parker.

Second flight, first net at 65 and 73 is Anthony Spingler. Second at 69 and 70 is Jim Tousignant. Third at 72 and 69 is Jeff Novak.

Third flight, first net at 70 and 66 is Jim Turner. Second at 70 and 66 is Bill Bahr. Third at 73 and 68 is Mark Gutierrez.

Fourth flight, first net at 74 and 63 is Kevin Rossiter. Second at 71 and 71 is Sam Scaletta. Third at 74 and 72 is Mike Neddy.

Fifth flight, first net at 65 and 76 is Jason Janson. Second at 74 and 70 is Ken Taylor. Third at 77 and 67 is Jason Bardol.

Sixth flight, first net at 71 and 67 is Jason Ng. Second at 71 and 72 is Jack Brumfield. Third at 75 and 74 is Larry Langley.

Closest-to-the-pin winners on Oct. 16 on holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively, were Jim Yurner, Bruce Gold, Homer Myers and Larry Arnold.

Closest-to-the-pin winners on Oct. 17 on holes 4, 7, 14 and 17, respectively, were Bobby Jones, Bobby Jones, Jason Bardol and Ibrahim Garbo.

Information on how to join these two Boulder City golf associations is available on the bulletin boards at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course. Information also is available on how to join the Winterwood Men’s and the Boulder City Women’s golf associations.

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