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Local bowling results

Summer leagues at Boulder Bowl are underway. The leagues include returning and new players.

Team Vs. Field at 6:30 p.m. Mondays

High averages: Diana Cavins, 168; Don Smale, 224

High games: Diana Cavins, 204; Don Smale, 267

High four-game series: Diana Cavins, 744; Don Smale, 961

First place: Henderson Henchmen, 111 points

Second place: Double Trouble, 109 points

Third place: Diva and D$#@head, 99.5 points

Summer Doubles at 10 a.m . Tuesdays

High averages: Jennifer Mauri, 201; Lonnie Cavins, 183

High games: Jennifer Mauri, 245; Lonnie Cavins, 247

High series: Jennifer Mauri, 650; Lonnie Cavins 675

First place: Frick and Frack, 34 wins

Second place: Double Splits, 29 wins

Third place: Team Lefty, 20 wins

Wednesday Seniors at noon Wednesdays

High averages: Diana Cavins, 170; Lonnie Cavins, 190

High games: Dorothy Albright, 198; Lonnie Cavins, 243

High series: Diana Cavins, 550; Lonnie Cavins, 642

First place: OH BS, 27 wins

Second place: Tee Time, 26 wins

Third place: Chunky Dunks, 26 wins

Summer No-Tap at 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays

High averages: Marie Shea, 183; Rick Renberg 223

High games: Marie Shea, 234; Rick Renberg, 297

High series: Marie Shea, 607; Jerry Sparks, 760

First place: The Misfits, 36 wins

Second place: Give Me 9, 31 wins

Third place: Let’s Get Lucky, 31 wins

Hi/Lo Scratch at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays

High averages, Division A: Joe Merrill, 234

Division B: Jim Coleman, 181

Division C: Bev Coleman, 149

High games, Division A: Joe Merrill, 290

Division B: Alicia Smith, 248

Division C: Bev Coleman, 189

High series, Division A: Joe Merrill, 759

Division B: Andrew Kennedy, 607

Division C: Bev Coleman, 502

First place: Jim Coleman, 24 points

Second place: Bev Coleman, 24 points

Third place: Joe Merrill, 22.5 points

Teen/Adult at 3:30 p.m. Sundays

High averages: Teagan Smale, 198; Steve Lindsey, 189

High games: Teagan Smale, 263; Steve Lindsey, 240

High series: Teagan Smale, 693; Steve Lindsey, 641

First place: The Strikers, 24 wins

Second place: Lumpy and Grumpy, 22 wins

Third Place: Moving On Up, 13 wins

Adult/Child at 6 p.m. on Sundays

High averages: Ed Rassuchine, 177; Rick Renberg, 174

High games: Ed Rassuchine, 239; Rick Renberg, 221

High series: Ed Rassuchine, 543; Rick Renberg, 551

First place: The Wild Cats, 31 wins

Second place: Strickly Business, 26 wins

Third place: Silver and Gold, 24 wins

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