Golf results

June 4 person/4 club tournament for Plus 55 Boulder City Mens’/Women’s Golf Association

Closest to the pin winners for holes No. 4, 7, 14 and 17: Bruce Courtney, Benji Sarnessar, Deanna Imboden and Gerry Turner.

Flight A first-place winners: Al and Kate Robinson and Bonnie Godtel. Second-place winners: Bruce Courtney, Benji Sarnessar, Cecil Short and Alan Thomas.

Flight B first-place winners: Clark Newby, Wayne Ross and Jess Hamilton. Second-place winners: Kate Ulrich, Mike and Lauren Lucas and Sherryl Mayes.

May singles tournament for Boulder City Men’s Golf Association

Friday Flight 1 gross first through third winners: Kyle Davis, Will Robinson and Paul Butterfield. Net winners: Dwight Warczak, Bruce Gold and Mark Holmstrand.

Flight 2 Gross winners: Bruce Courtney, Randy Lemos and Gary Moles. Net winners: Benji Sarnessar, Steve Betley and Jim Ropp.

Flight 3 Gross winners: Ohlhausen, Amo Sanchez and Ernie Green. Net winners: Guy Nelson, Larry Arnold and J.R. Nelson.

Flight 4 Gross winners: Jim McCullough, Ken Taylor and Rob Jackson. Net winners: Ken Miyazono, Lary Street and Max Armentrout

Saturday Flight 1 gross first through third winners: Gregg Gale, Anthony Spingler and Mike Farrah. Net winners: Romeo Ramos, Bill Bahr and Jeff Novak

Flight 2 gross winners: Chris Charlton, Darren Hall and Glen Colgate. Net winners: Guy Nelson, Jason Bardol and Mike Layne.

Flight 3 gross winners: Wendy Layne, Mike Frye and Warren Dean. Net winners: Lary Street, Jack Brumfield and Wendy Layne.

Information on how to join these two golf associations is available on the bulletin boards at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course.

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