City Recreation

HeShes lead co-ed softball league

This week in Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department’s adult coed softball league, the HeShes finished in first place. The Mighty Ducks were in second place, just a half-game behind, with Snap Fitness in third.

The coed tournament begins at 6 p.m. Sunday at the ball fields at Hemenway Valley Park, 401 Ville Drive. It is a double-elimination tournament extending through July 31.

League standings: HeShes, 10-1-1; The Mighty Ducks, 10-2; Snap Fitness 6-5-1; T.Q. Pallets, 6-6; Chicken Shack, 6-6; Jack’s Place, 3-9; and B.C. Real Estate, 0-12.

Men gear up for tourney play

The men’s softball teams are still battling with only one week of league play remaining.

Duetto is in first place, with The Credit Union in a close second. Pit Stop is in third place.

The men’s double-elimination softball tournament will begin July 28.

League standings: Duetto, 12-2; The Credit Union, 10-4; Pit Stop, 9-5; The Crew, 5-11; and Ralph’s Tires, 0-14.

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