Bowling Results

Here are the scores and standings for the leagues as of the first week of October:

Tuesday Trios:

First place: On Strikes

High games: Nancy Ward +78

High series: Nancy Ward +113


First place: Sisters

High game: Rick Renberg +90

High series: Alicia Smith +182

Wednesday Seniors:

First place: Butt Heads

High game: Dave Mulligan +73

High series: Jerry Sparks +114

No-Tap League:

First place: Jack’s Place

High game: Wayne Jonson +132

High series: Wayne Jonson +264

Original Earlybirds:

First place: Hummingbirds

High game: Lisa Sandoval +74

High series: Lisa Sandoval +101

Men’s Commercial:

First place: Accentrick Window Tint

High game: Dan Dombrowski +73

High series: Dan Dombrowski +165

Hi:Lo Scratch Singles:

First place: Dick Knuth

High fame: Lonnie Cavins +77

High series: Lonnie Cavins +88

Almost Live:

First place: 3 BS and AH

High game: Ciara Madrid +81

High series: Jim Coleman +109

Teen Adult:

First place: Let It Hook

Teen high game: Teagan Smale +89

High series: Conner Armstrong +108

Adult high game: Tony Sandoval +82

High series: Tony Sandoval +184

Child Adult:

First place: Last Time

Youth high game: Kendal Jordan+44

High series: Cason Segundo +45

Adult high game: Michelle Bennett +44

High series: Mike Madrid +30

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