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Bowling Results

Tuesday Trios, 9 a.m. Tuesday

High game and series: Diana Cavins 222, 586

Pins over average, game: Darlene Cheney +63

Pins over average, series: Kim Cunningham +121

Funtyme, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday

High handicap game, women: Linda Barber 284

High handicap game, men: Rick Renberg 295

High handicap series, women: Alicia Smith 797

High handicap series, men: Dave Alexander 757

Pins over average, games and series: Linda Barber +77 and +150; Michael Boreham +64 and +122

Wednesday Seniors, noon Wednesday

High game and series, women: Pam Brown 224, 552

High game and series, men: Lonnie Cavins 229, 597

Pins over average, games: Dianne Lindsey +57, Rob Hedlund +52

Pins over average, series: Dianne Lindsey +111, Glen Cauda +102

9 Pin No Tap League, 6:30 p.m. Wednesday

Pins over average, games: Diana Webb +86, Mike O’Neill +113

Pins over average, series: Diana Webb +191, Sal Mizzi +176

Original Early Birds, 9 a.m. Thursday

High game and series: Diana Cavins 212, 567

Pins over average, game and series: Boon Lilly +72 and +80

Men’s Commercial League, 6:30 p.m. Thursday

High game and series: Joe Merrill 279, 738

Pins over average, game: Ronnie Wisham +79

Pins over average, series: Steven Ashley +143

Hi-Lo Scratch, 10 a.m. Friday

High game, women: Lisa Sandoval 224

High game, men: Jim Coleman 267

Pins over average, game: Lonnie Cavins +77

Pins over average, series: Jim Reed +95

Almost Live, 6:30 p.m. Friday

High game and series, women: Linda Barber 257, 690

High game and series, men: Joe Merrill 268, 748

Pins over average, games: Marcia O’Neill +72, Jimmie Stewart +83

Pins over average, series: Sandy Miller +103, Jimmie Stewart +148

Teen/Adult, 3:30 p.m. Sunday

High game and series, teen; Teagan Smale 300, 714

High game and series, adult: Alicia Smith 258, 743

Pins over average, game, teen: Teagan Smale +95

Pins over average, series, teen: Randall Berkheimer +115

Pins over average, game and series, adult: Alicia Smith +92, +245

Youth/Adult, 6 p.m. Sunday

High game and series, youth: Ed Rassuchine 202, 533

High game and series, adult: Mike Madrid 218, 609

Pins over average, game, youth: Ed Rassuchine +45

Pins over average, series, youth: Halle Bennett +56

Pins over average, game, adult: Jamie Mackanos +48

Pins over average, series, adult: Michelle Bennett +68

Bowlers are still needed for some of the leagues. For more information or to join a league, call 702-293-2368.

Registration begins for youth sports

Registration is now being accepted from those interested in participating in Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department’s 2023 youth basketball or floor hockey leagues.

Trail provides glimpse into dam’s history

A trail passes through tunnels of Lake Mead history and hints at the challenges of taming a once-wild Colorado River to harness its water and power. The mostly flat Historic Railroad Trail allows walkers and bicyclists to travel back to the early 1930s on a path where tracks once guided trains hauling materials and critical components for Hoover Dam’s construction.

City Recreation

Youth sports return for fall

Pickleball proves popular; city to add courts

The sport of pickleball is expanding faster than the dry areas at Lake Mead, with over 5 million players nationwide. Boulder City has noticed this and, in a recent City Council meeting, approved $160,000 of the American Rescue Plan Act COVID-19 relief funds for additional courts in the city.

Fishers angle for best spot

Anglers covered the shorelines at Veterans’ Memorial Park on Saturday, June 11, as Boulder City hosted the Southern Nevada free fishing day event.

94-year-old still out on the green

Feeling younger than ever, 94-year old Virginia “Birdie” Hurst is an avid golfer who has no plans to slow down.

Catalina evokes visions of romance, nature

For many who grew up in the 1950s or ’60s, the name of Santa Catalina will always evoke the vision of California at its most romantic, thanks to the Four Preps’ influential pop song of the same name. But the actual island has helped city folk enjoy romance, nature and elegant surroundings in their preferred proportions for nearly a century.

Waterfall standout of Grand Staircase-Escalante

While it would take a lifetime to see all the extraordinary wonders of the 1.87-million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, even on a short visit you can hike to some of the highlights. One of the standouts, that most people are eager to visit, is Lower Calf Creek Falls.