Movie Award Winners

The list of winners from the 2014 Boulder City Movie Awards at Boulder City High School was inadvertently omitted from the April 10 issue of the Boulder City Review.

2014 Winners

Best film: “Suite 7”

Best actor: Matt Lopez, “Panda Problems”

Best actress: Amanda Mraz, “Suite 7”

Best director: Kaylee Domzalski, “Suite 7”

Best cinematography: Kaylee Domzalski, “Suite 7”

Best screenplay: Alexandra Rovacchi, “Next Play”

Best editing: Aiyana Donske, “Deserved Fate”

Best sound: Ruth Faulkner and Grant Runion, “Suite 7”

Best effects: Jacson Tenney and Christian Shamo, “Monster Hunters”

Best music video: Amy Pellouchoud, Julie Sargeant, Matt Lopez, “Bad Day”

Best 30-second PSA: Kelsey Essex and Rebecca Lelles, “Impaired Driving”

Best 90-second PSA: Kendra Bacon and Mickaela Brown, “World Hunger”

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