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BCHS gearing up for spring play

Spring is in the air and life is abuzz in the Boulder City High School Theatre Department. While residents all over town are packing their winter clothes and embarking on spring cleaning projects; students in the drama department are collaborating on their spring performance of “Yard Sale” by Tim Kelly.

“Yard Sale” is the family-friendly story involving wacky and eccentric individuals who come together to save the historic mansion in which they live. The wide cast of characters include a mad scientist, an alien enthusiast, angry neighbors, enthusiastic college students, FBI agents and many more; all wrapped up in a story of never-ending hope and laughter.

“Yard Sale” will run April 11-13 in the Boulder City High School Theater. The show starts at 6 p.m. and tickets are only $5. Bring out the whole crew for a night of surprises and smiles at “Yard Sale.”

The cast includes first-time performers and veteran student actors, for an expansive cast of collaboration and fun all around. The actors have pushed themselves and each other, truly growing a community just like you’ll see on stage, but maybe with a little less drama.

We talked to some of our production members and actors and here’s what they have to say…

The director, Mrs. Phenix, selected this production for its large cast, witty dialogue and emphasis on physical comedy and timing. She said, “My favorite part of directing is letting the students discover and develop skills they didn’t know they possess. Theatre provides students the opportunity to problem solve creatively and think in-depth about situations and relationships. If you stand back and watch the students navigate these challenges you can see them grow, change, and develop; not only as performers but as people. It’s an honor to be part of the process.”

“This production has been a ton of fun! It’s opened a new window into physical acting and blocking we haven’t had a chance to dive into until now. It’s been a blast learning about our characters and all of these wacky and wonderful individuals!” Leaf Moore (Napoleon).

“This play has been more detailed and expansive than the last plays, and it’s been really funny and enjoyable to work with this set.” Lillian Nichol (Ann).

“By far the most vast and ambitious set we’ve had since I joined the crew. It’s been great to put together everything and I’m excited to see how everyone’s hard work behind the scenes can pay off in action.” Gianni Alo (Tech).

Freshman Camryn Cross is thrilled to be in her first production at BCHS. She wants all students thinking of joining to take the leap. She reports: “You may be scared to perform in front of lots of people but you have a whole cast that is there for you no matter what.”

A popular Eagle tradition

The annual Boulder City High School Grad Walk was held this past Friday.

May the Fourth Be With You (a day early)

LEFT: Sophomore Delaney Loeslein gets some assistance during the class challenge of Hungry, Hungry Hippo at Friday’s BCHS year-end assembly.

DIY could be more costly and risky than DIFM

Back in the days of my home-show appearances, attendees would often ask me the same kind of question—“Do you think I could renovate my own bathroom (kitchen, bedroom…)?” To which I would always answer, “Do you know how to replace a light switch?” That would always make them chuckle.

Therapy dogs make testing ‘stress free’ at King Elementary

Test anxiety is a common concern for teachers, parents, and students, especially this time of year for King students as they prepare to take the state test for the first time.

Statehouse daughter heads services to veterans

It’s not out of the ordinary for journalists to sometimes leave the profession and try something new. Especially when they feel a family connection urging them to enter into a divergent field of employment. That’s what happened to one local individual.

Howard turns passion into full-time job

For many self-published authors, the passion to put words on a page ends up being a hobby they do when everyday life frees up a few minutes here and there to do so.

Andrew Mitchell Elementary goes beyond 7 Habits

As a Leader In Me School, Mitchell Elementary frequently refers to the 7 Habits. As a matter of fact, each day at our morning ceremony, students and staff recite our mission statement, which refers specifically to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

LMNRA has deep roots in Boulder City

We at Lake Mead National Recreation Area are constantly amazed and grateful for the support from the Boulder City community. We also strive to provide great service to the people of this great town.

Local business funds memorial bench at King

For over a year, the staff at Martha P. King has been working with the Giamanco family to create a memorial bench for their little girl, Emilee.