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Pandemic calls for citizens to care for, about each other

For this column I looked back on the columns I have written over the past few months. At the beginning of March my column focused on the rollout of the new marketing campaign for Las Vegas and how it would benefit our city, as well. What followed within two weeks changed our lives in ways that have brought hardships to many of us.

Resorts in Las Vegas began announcing hotel closures March 15. Gov. Steve Sisolak announced the closure of schools the same day. Two days later the governor issued guidance for Nevadans to stay home for Nevada. This guidance would need to be extended twice more over the following weeks in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus infections.

In April, I wrote about the need for all us to use the proper precautions based on medical expert recommendations to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. Those precautions are still necessary to prevent further spread of this disease. I also wrote of the work city staff and nonprofit organizations have done to assist residents in this time of need. The work of so many volunteers has continued over these past months. The spirit of the people of Boulder City and their willingness to help others has been the defining quality of our town since it was created.

In May, my column looked forward to the reopening of businesses. The spread of infections from the virus was slowing due to the efforts and sacrifices people made to stay at home. By the end of the month, the governor was able to provide new guidance that allowed more businesses to resume operations if actions were taken to maintain social distancing, increased sanitation and precautions such as hand washing and wearing a face covering or mask.

My column in June concerned the limits that government has in trying to cure all the issues that come to the forefront over time. The COVID-19 virus has presented challenges for all of us and continues to do so. There are still people who have been unable to obtain unemployment insurance benefits, even with the millions of dollars dedicated to getting these benefits paid. Small businesses have struggled with loan and grant programs needed to keep their businesses functioning. Many things have improved over the past few months but not for everyone. The efforts to get the available benefits to those in need continue in earnest.

Where we, as residents of Boulder City, can help in these difficult times is to help each other by working to keep each of us safe. We are all fatigued and worn thin by the challenges the pandemic has imposed on us. We all want it to go away and let us get on with our lives.

Unfortunately, the number of cases of the virus is increasing at this time after declining for weeks. The number of people needing to be hospitalized is increasing. The governor recently issued guidance requiring we wear face masks in public. Some people are viewing these health precautions as some type of political issue. It is not. The pandemic is a public health crisis affecting each of us in different ways.

I am optimistic that a solution to this problem will come. We are America and we solve problems because we have the best and the brightest. In the meantime, we are missing some of our treasured events like the Damboree Fourth of July. Please celebrate our nation’s birthday safely and know we will get back to these celebrations in the future.

For now, we should be doing what residents of Boulder City have always done. That is to look out for each other. Help keep your family, friends, co-workers and those that provide service to us safe and healthy. Each of our rights depends on others taking their responsibilities seriously.

If you need information or assistance, our city staff has assembled an extensive resource webpage at http://www.bcnv.org/covid-19. You may also call 702-293-9329 with questions. The webpage provides information and links to local, county, state and federal resources to help us get through this.

Please care about others by taking the precautions known to help fight the virus.

Kiernan McManus is mayor of Boulder City. He is a native of Boulder City first elected to City Council in 2017.

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