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Seen on Scene: At Junior Ranger Day

Hali Bernstein Saylor/Boulder City Review

Ranger Sylvia McMartin, right, welcomes Landry Chang, 9, from left, Finley Chang, 7, and their father, Tim Chang, all of Henderson, to Junior Ranger Day at the Alan Bible Visitor Center at Lake Mead National Recreation Area on Saturday.

Lynn Neufeld, center, lead ranger at the Alan Bible Visitor Center, congratulates Camille Smith, left, who was celebrating her 10th birthday, and Gavin Smith after they were sworn in as junior rangers during Junior Ranger Day at the park on Saturday.

Ranger Julianne Renner, left, demonstrates outdoor cooking equipment during Junior Ranger Day at the Alan Bible Visitor Center on Saturday, April 27. Looking on are, from left, Haley Carrigg of Las Vegas, Julia Linch of Henderson, Trajani Wells of Las Vegas and Jennifer Linch of Henderson.

Ranger Todd Austin, a K-9 law enforcement officer at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, demonstrates how his dog Bruno is rewarded with his toy after finding the scent of drugs during Junior Ranger Day.

Aries Denning, 11, a Webelo 2 with Pack 850 of Las Vegas, Scouts of America, learns how to clean and sort seeds with Linda Ramirez of Song Dog Nursery during Junior Ranger Day.

Six-year-old twins Alexander, left, and Nicholas Pearson of Las Vegas visited an archaeology display with Mojave Max during Junior Ranger Day.

Hali Bernstein Saylor/Boulder City Review

Judy Andrews of Boulder City, who has been volunteering at Lake Mead National Recreation Center, visits with Mojave Max during Junior Ranger Day at the Alan Bible Visitor Center on Saturday, April 27.

By Hali Bernstein Saylor

Boulder City Review

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