Seen on Scene: At Boulder Dam Credit Union’s Annual Meeting

Updated March 1, 2018 - 12:33 pm

Hali Bernstein Saylor/Boulder City Review

Boulder Dam Credit Union sold 500 tickets for its annual meeting and dinner on Feb. 21 in six hours. Attending the event at Henderson Convention Center were, from left, Edie Gagnon, Ronnie Estin and Darlene Looney.

Among those attending Boulder Dam Credit Union’s annual meeting and dinner on Feb. 21 were, from left, Harold Critcher, Karla Surverson, Tina Cowan and Cathie Camp.

Boulder Dam Credit Union employees, from left, Nancy Ward, Mary Beth Clift and Bailey Hagen greeted those attending the financial institution’s annual meeting and dinner on Feb. 21 at Henderson Convention Center.

Enjoying the opportunity to visit with each other were, from left, Lori Merrell, Theda Cox and Patty Jacobson.

Charmaine Ferrari, who was re-elected to the credit union’s board, visits with Jeff Breeden, a member of the financial institution’s supervisory committee.

By Hali Bernstein Saylor

Boulder City Review

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