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Free training bolsters microbusinesses

The Boulder City Chamber of Commerce has been invited by Workforce Connections to be involved in its latest partnership in bringing Venture Forward by GoDaddy to Southern Nevada to implement world-class training for local microbusinesses at no cost to them. This will be just one more addition to the no-cost resources that are already offered here in Southern Nevada by Workforce Connections and their partners. Microbusinesses have a proven positive economic impact in a community and need this type of assistance to be an asset to the business environment.

COVID created more than just a spike in job loss, it also drove the spike in entrepreneurial online start-ups. As creatives sat home and turned their forced-down time into a way to monetize their online business ideas, we saw the birth of new entrepreneurs almost overnight. Those simple ideas were turned into a paycheck, but now they need some answers. Where do I find an investor to turn this into more than just dream? Where do I find support like coaching, mentoring and networking? Should I remain an online microbusiness or is it time to go to a brick-and-mortar location?

According to its website, Venture Forward by GoDaddy is a “research initiative that quantifies the impact of over 20 million online microbusinesses on their local economies.” Their goal is to provide the public with a unique view into the attitudes, demographics, struggles and needs of entrepreneurs.

Why is this important? Because with the increased number of microbusinesses (measured as online ventures with predominately less than 10 employees) it has been documented across the U.S., as well as here in Boulder City, that the economic health of a community increases dramatically and so does the over health of that community.

We want to bolster up the number of successful entrepreneurs here in Boulder City, thereby increasing job opportunities and positive work environments. We want to be on the receiving end of the calculated benefits that come from microbusiness. For every microbusiness in a community, data shows that the average median household income goes up and unemployment goes down.

In Clark County, we have 344,569 current active microbusinesses that contribute to an above-average Microbusiness Activity Index Score described more on the Venture Forward website. (www.godaddy.com/ventureforward) Clark County has a culture of building and developing small microbusiness owners and operators that provide good jobs and offer needed services.

Microbusinesses include writers, life coaches, personal trainers, web designers, graphic designers, app developers, consultants, Uber drivers, etc. A few in Boulder City that come to mind are Appleby Arts, ENCO Southwest, RJ Johnson Consulting Geologist, Beezlebug Bit and Fox Business Coaching.

Local business owners can do the research and educate themselves on the tools and resources available to them through partnerships the chamber has with local, county, state and federal agencies offering better business training, access to capital, help finding talent and skilled labor, business coaching and mentoring, home-based business support, marketing assistance, technology assistance and networking connections. They can reach out directly to the chamber office for any questions they have and solutions they’re in need of. We will connect them to the professionals and programs they need.

When current microbusiness owners were surveyed and asked why they started their businesses, their responses were quite telling of their drive and motivation. They wanted to fulfill a dream and a passion to work on their own time, allowing them to be flexible and meet their own needs, but at the same time, giving them the ability to provide a new service or offering to their clients and customers. This often means fulfilling a greater need in a community or helping a cause. Many were driven to simply make extra money from their hobby while doing something worthwhile or were as adventurous as changing their career and venturing out on their own.

Boulder City locals can support microbusinesses by sharing their posts and websites, liking their social media pages, giving reviews on third-party apps, and spreading the word about these new businesses to friends and family. These new entrepreneurs can find support from locals as well as professional agencies that are in the business of helping businesses.

Tools and resources are developed daily to help see small business in America be successful and thrive. Partnerships such as Venture Forward with the Boulder City Chamber are meant to be utilized to help see you through to success. What are you waiting for? Check this and other resources out today and be one step closer to financial health.

Jill-Rowland Lagan, CEO of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, is the third of four generations in Boulder City. She loves cooking, jet skiing and hanging out with her family. Her personal motto is “A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.”

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