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Boulder’s Best: Holiday light displays you don’t want to miss

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Boulder City and shines brightly outside residents’ homes with holiday displays.

Here is a list of some of the best:

■ 1525 Fifth St.

This house is synonymous with Christmas lights in Boulder City. Homeowners Dale Ryan and Dyanah Musgrave spend months setting up their display, which includes an animated Ferris wheel, a ski lift, a roller coaster, a merry-go-round and a train along with thousands of other dancing, twinkling lights. Each year, Ryan adds something new, and the two hand out candy canes.

This year, they have also set up an online link so visitors can find other displays nearby.

■ Fifth Street

In addition to the large display at 1525 Fifth St., other houses along the street have been decorated for Christmas. Many include candy canes, icicle lights, polar bears and animals.

■ 1327 Pinto Road

The Christmas display fills the yard at this house with lights, faux snow and holiday characters. Highlights include white and multicolored lights on the house and a sled track with polar bears.

■ 701 Seventh St.

This house on Seventh Street hosts a traditional Christmas display with red bows, icicle lights, candy canes and pine trees.

■ 1200 Avenue I

The Hooper-Broughear family has a holiday display that includes lights, inflatable characters and a shout out to a favorite football team. The decorations also feature holiday favorites like Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman.

■ Angora Family Nativity, 1296 Lynwood St.

Open for its 62nd year, this Nativity scene created by Rich Angora features a waterfall, twinkling stars and simulated fire. The figures are papier-mâché and hand-carved from wood.

It is open until 10 p.m. daily and best viewed after dark. There is also a guest book to sign, and hot chocolate is served.

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Time is ripe for pruning

This is the time of year when you can take large amounts of wood from trees, shrubs and many of our flowering and nonflowering plants. Break out your loppers or handsaw and make sure it’s sharp, adjusted and sanitized before you start pruning. Remember, you can remove small amounts from trees and shrubs any time during the year using hand pruners but now is the time for removing stuff using the “big guns.”

Compost often steams in cold weather

Don’t be fooled because when compost is warm, it produces steam. It may look like it’s hot, but during this cold weather steam is very commonly found with warm compost. The temperature of compost when it’s cooling is only about 105 F. In the center of the pile it might be hotter but it’s not hot enough to damage plants.

Some plants more susceptible to freezing temperatures

I went outside very early in the morning to put something in the recycling bins when I noticed frost on the lids. I thought, “We must’ve had a light freeze last night.” I checked my phone weather app for the low temperature. It said the low was 45 F. “No, that can’t be right.” I checked other sources for the low temperature and it varied from upward of 36 F. My trash lids won’t lie. Phone apps are good for predicting a possible freeze and needed protection, but nothing replaces verification that an actual freeze happened.

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