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What is the 3D Project?

Doesn’t it bug you when someone speaks in their trade-language?

We all have careers that seem to have their own abbreviations or initialisms, but they often leave us stumped as to what they stand for. The 3D Project in Boulder City has certainly fallen into that category, and we’ve had a lot of questions about it. So here is the scoop.

The Destination Development Demonstration (3D) project by Travel Nevada, the state’s tourism division, is an innovative program designed to elevate tourism and enhance the visitor experience in Nevada’s rural communities. The best way for me to explain the value of this program to the Boulder City businesses and residents involves highlighting its key benefits and objectives.

It will strengthen our local economy. The 3D project aims to boost economic development by attracting more visitors to rural areas. By showcasing unique local attractions, events, and natural beauty, it helps stimulate local businesses, from restaurants and retail to outdoor adventures and cultural sites. This influx of tourism can lead to job creation and sustainable economic growth, benefiting the entire community.

It will help preserve and promote our local culture and heritage. Nevada’s rural communities are rich in history, culture, and traditions. The 3D project provides an opportunity to preserve and promote this heritage, ensuring that it’s celebrated and shared with visitors. This not only fosters community pride but also offers educational opportunities for both residents and tourists, highlighting the unique stories and contributions of each area.

It will assist in enhancing community facilities and infrastructure. Investments in tourism development often come with improvements to local infrastructure and facilities. This can include enhancing parks, museums, and historical sites, as well as upgrading roads, signage, and public amenities. Such improvements not only make the area more attractive to tourists but also improve the quality of life for residents.

It will encourage collaboration and community involvement. The 3D project encourages collaboration among local businesses, government entities, and community members.

By working together, communities can create comprehensive, cohesive plans that leverage their strengths and address any challenges. This collaborative spirit fosters a sense of community and ensures that development efforts reflect the desires and needs of the residents and businesses.

It will position us for future grant opportunities. By participating in the 3D project, rural communities can position themselves to take advantage of future grant requests from the Nevada Commission on Tourism. Developing a strong tourism offer not only attracts visitors today but also sets the stage for long-term growth and recognition. This strategic positioning can make communities more attractive for new business investments, grants, and other development initiatives.

In essence, the Destination Development Demonstration project is a powerful tool for Nevada’s rural communities, offering a pathway to economic vitality, cultural preservation, and community enhancement. Boulder City has certainly been blessed with this opportunity to have the consultation firm Better Destinations assist in the process of planning Boulder City’s 10-year Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism in conjunction with the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce. We can all have input in this process, and we encourage you to attend the public focus group on March 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the BC Parks and Rec Center. With our engagement in the process, we can make sure our areas of interest can showcase the best of what we have to offer, ensuring our city remains a vibrant and thriving destination for years to come.

Jill Rowland Lagan is the CEO of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce.

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