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What are you going to vote for?

I’m not asking “who” you are voting for. I’m asking “what” you voting for. When we cast our ballots this November, we won’t be casting our votes for an individual, even though it seems like it. We will be casting our votes for an ideal, a concept of democracy for our nation’s republic.

Democrat voters won’t be casting ballots for an ideology that Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy stood for, the true Democrats that their parents or grandparents voted for. They will, I believe, be casting their votes for an ideology that the groups Black Lives Matter or antifa advances, the organizations that are represented by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and a number of other far-left radicals, all of whom are promoting the progressive, Marxist agenda and have positioned a chess piece called Joe Biden as the key to let them in. Marxism leads to communism and that is their ultimate, socialistic goal.

Are you going to let them in? You may not like our current president, but, as an opposing chess piece, the party he represents provides a path to continued liberty and freedom for this great country, Unfortunately, his opponent and the people that underwrite him do not. Setting aside the names of the players of this life-changing game, it is important to understand that while the leader of the party is an important participant, it is much more important what the party itself represents.

In an attempt to draw an understandable analogy, consider two freight trains steaming down the tracks. The first train represents the Democratic party; the second train represents the Republican party. Each train has an engine in front that pulls the entire train down the tracks. It really doesn’t matter what the engine looks like in color or design, its age, whether it makes a lot of noise or smoke, who manufactured it or what it costs — none of that matters. What really matters is what cargo the train is carrying.

When you cast your vote, you will be supporting one train’s cargo or the other, not just the engine. You see, train engines come and go, they wear out and are traded in for new, more modern models. It’s the freight cars that the engines push or pull that are rarely worn out.

Keep in mind that it is vitally important to have two or more trains in order to keep our society from becoming a dictatorship. Countries that have only one train are not promoting freedom or liberty; it’s the government’s way or the highway.

Let’s look at what each of these trains are delivering.

The first train is the Democratic train and it is, I believe, hauling a load, proposed by Democratic candidates, partially consisting of more government, more control, voting for all noncitizens and prisoners, free Medicare for all including noncitizens, free college education including noncitizens, abolishing the 200-year-old filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate, eliminating the electoral college, substantially higher taxes, police and military defunding, the shuttering of prisons, late-term abortion, economic and financial turmoil, reduction or elimination of our Second Amendment right to bear arms, the prohibition of fossil fuels, thus banning gas-powered vehicles, open borders, removing historical landmarks and statues, disdain for our Constitution, gender de-emphasizing, promoting the insignificance of the American family, advancement of globalization that exports our manufacturing and jobs, reparations from people who have never owned slaves to those who have never been slaves and the list goes on.

The second train is the Republican train and it is transporting, I believe, a much different load, a load proposed by the Republican candidate. This includes less government, less control, adherence to our Constitution, upholding the law, preserving the 200-year-old filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate, maintaining the electoral college that protects low-population states’ participation in our national elections, lower taxes, funding the police and military for our local and national security, pro-life with the potential defunding of Planned Parenthood, support of our Second Amendment, border security, promoting the nuclear family, continued economic and financial prosperity, promoting and encouraging capitalism, boosting small businesses and inspiring entrepreneurship, protection of our country’s history and values, including the rights of young girls to compete in sports with other girls and not boys who identify as girls, advancement of nationalism that keeps our industrial factories here, which saves jobs and so much more.

I believe one of the trains carries tyranny and chaos, while the other liberty, freedom and the American way. Which train do you want to hitch a ride on this coming November?

G. Kevin Savord is currently a professional pilot and former small business owner. He can be reached at gksavord@gmail.com.

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