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Truth will help reveal solutions to nation’s woes

How do you stay calm and limit your stress every day? Personally, I take lots of deep breaths, stop whatever I’m doing and focus on something else. I push what’s bothering me to another part of my brain and move on. It’s rough, but I’ve had practice over the years, and it works most of the time.

Yeah, it works most of the time, but what happens when it doesn’t? You settle down and “Wham!” More “stuff” hits you right between the eyes.

My latest encounter with stress happened recently, and it really threw me for a loop, as they say. Things kept getting worse as the day continued. “Hey, this can’t happen now! I have work to do!” I was paralyzed by what I was feeling. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t even eat a pint of ice cream or a pizza.

That’s pretty awful. I sat at my desk, turned on jazz Christmas music and thought of nothing.

Before I realized it, I was calm and ready to move on. Seems all I did was focus on the music and relax. It also occurred to me I was stressing for nothing since what was the worst thing that could happen if I didn’t continue with my work? Aha! Therein lies the rub.

My work, my job, my purpose for the past two years has been to share economic information and truth every day to everyone willing to listen. I do it because we’ve got problems, and we sure need the truth and knowledge to implement solutions.

It drives me wild to have a handful of politicians wrangle and argue and complicate “solutions” while people suffer. Guess it’s no skin off their noses if kids are hungry, folks are living on the street or in cars, and millions are unemployed. It’s much more important to set rules and regulations to make sure the “wrong people” don’t get some monetary relief. Don’t want to give too much. The economy will “overheat” and inflation and the deficit will overwhelm us.

The guys in expensive suits went to the “right” universities and speak so well. They must know what they’re talking about. We’ve got more important things to do than worry about their arguments. They’ll do what they want anyway. Yeah, that’s the problem. They’ll do what they want and follow the orders of their “friends” who tell them what to do.

When it comes to sharing truth, I’d like to tell you about two series you won’t see on TV. One is called “The Con,” and the other is a new series that grew out of “The Con,” entitled “The New Untouchables: The Pecora Files.” (https://realprogressives.org/new-untouchables)

In both series you’ll hear from people who were willing to stand up to the “big boys” who were perpetuating theft, causing suffering and even death for regular people who were “fast-talked” into schemes they didn’t understand.

“The Con” hasn’t been shown on mainstream TV because those who would give the OK to do so are beholden to those higher up the power ladder.

How do we stop the corruption from continuing? I go back to why it’s important for me to share knowledge and truth every day. People need to know the truth before they can do anything about it.

To me, watching “The Con” and “The New Untouchables” gave me hope that there are people who have the courage to speak out when they see corruption. Were these people successful in their efforts to stop the criminals completely? They were stopped from telling their stories to a wide audience by those at the top, even those in government.

With “The Con” and “The New Untouchables” the evidence is there for you to see. Will TV networks and mainstream media ever show this to the public? My sense of the country today says the time is now for the truth to be told as far and wide as possible.

I’m fortunate to have this commentary as a platform to all of you. Everyone has their own communication network. Don’t let stress get in the way. It’s up to us to get to work and spread the truth.

The opinions expressed above belong solely to the author and do not represent the views of the Boulder City Review. They have been edited solely for grammar, spelling and style, and have not been checked for accuracy of the viewpoints.

Rose Ann Miele is a journalist and was public information officer for Boulder City for nine years. She is the national outreach director for Real Progressives. She can be reached at roseannrab@hotmail.com or at 702-339-9082.

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