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The Consciousness of Love

Where did love go? The kindness in our world seems to have dissipated. When I go into a coffee shop, I witness almost everyone distracted from other human beings by their cell phone or computer.

When is the last time you said hello to a complete stranger? We keep searching every technology that arrives with the anticipation of an improved world, don’t we? At what cost? The Internet has distracted us so much that we don’t even say hello to each other as frequently. There is nothing more important than you as a human being, is there? Aren’t other human beings similarly important?

In 1985, when I first ran for city council, I had a difficult time canvassing Boulder City, door to door. Many people wanted to talk to me for lengthy periods of time. In 2017, when I sought a return to the council, many would not open the front door. Unfortunately, we’ve lost much of our humanness to the Internet, haven’t we?

I’ll bet you have your reasons for living in Boulder City. I have mine. This article is intended to address our residents’ overall perspective. It is something that my consciousness has been both curious about as well as reflective concerning. For those of us who are lucky enough to live here, we are blessed to have each other.

I’ll start off with my foray into politics. Who would want to be on city council that didn’t have the best interests of the community at heart? That may seem counter-intuitive until the resolution arises from an understanding of each other.

Since I write about consciousness, it has become my tool for understanding. How about I use my understanding of consciousness to interpret while exploring our love for Boulder City?

Consciousness is our animating life force. My behavioral research indicates that all human behavior arises from consciousness. The term consciousness is nebulous until there is a realization that human beings are consciousness, isn’t it? Most of Boulder City, Clark County, Nevada, and the USA is predominantly one of the five types of human consciousness.

What are the attributes of that predominant kind of consciousness? When we talk to each other, we continually offer a unique point of view wherein we would like to have the other person in a discussion find resonance with our point of view. That person is likely doing the same with each of us, aren’t they? Each individual has the tacit assumption that their perspective contains an improved or better world. Boulder City contains many of my attributes for a better world. How about you?

Do you see a better world in Boulder City? Given the behavioral impetus, resistance, of the predominant type of consciousness, we find ourselves most comfortable with others who have nearly the same perspective, don’t we? That could help the reader understand the subject of this column, couldn’t it?

People live here because they share a similar point of view as to what’s important and appropriate in their city of residence, don’t they? Certainly, over time, those attributes can change, can’t they?

Since I have been here since 1981, I will mention the continuous attributes. In 1961, when Boulder City finally became a city, gambling was illegal. Since it was illegal on the federal reservation, many of the citizens felt it was a good idea to continue the absence of gaming as Boulder City became incorporated. In the 1970s, rapid growth became an issue. A referendum was structured and placed on a ballot in 1979. Most of the voters voted to limit the growth of residential structures, didn’t they? That attitude continues to this day, doesn’t it?

Those two attributes are primarily the more important aspects of Boulder City, aren’t they? The actions taken to annex and zone the Eldorado Valley indicate a continuing adversity to rapid growth, don’t they? Don’t both attributes support Boulder City’s exceptional quality of life?

What are other attributes for you? Mine also includes small-town friendliness. The desire to enjoy each other’s company is important to the future of our democracy at all levels of government. Resonance from an engendered reality arising from our love for each other is the best information to continue to support our form of government, isn’t it?

Eric L. Lundgaard is a former Boulder City mayor and member of the city council. He is currently president of the Aquarian Theosophy Foundation.

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