Letters to the Editor, Sept. 27

Town hall on water answered many questions, appreciated

On the evening of Sept. 12, members of the Regatta Pointe Landscape Committee attended a town hall meeting presented by Peggy Leavitt, Boulder City Council member. This meeting was a discussion of our water situation in Southern Nevada. The information presented was so helpful in planning our near as well as future projects in our homeowners association.

When I read of the water shortage declaration possible in 2020, I panicked as we still maintain a good amount of turf throughout our campus. My fear was put to rest as John Entsminger presented a program that answered so many questions.

A sincere thank you to the Senior Center of Boulder City for hosting this town hall (complete with snacks and drinks), to John Entsminger accompanied by many other officials who work diligently to plan the efficient use of water for Southern Nevada. Lastly, to Councilwoman Peggy Leavitt for organizing this town hall, Mayor Rod Woodbury, Al Noyola, as well as present and past council members who took the time out of their evening to attend.

Melanie Love

Residents prefer city’s unique, heritage, slow-growth policy

A response to Dale Napier’s op-ed regarding the state of Boulder City’s economy.

The city of Boulder City is both an anomaly and an anachronism. Situated in freewheeling Battle Born Nevada, the city has steadfastly eschewed quick and easy revenue schemes and sources. Our unique city of 16,000 has for decades rejected two of Nevada’s economic engines: gaming and uncontrolled growth. Hard liquor sales were not even permitted until 1969.

The city has a controlled growth ordinance, passed specifically to forestall rampant residential development as is found in the Las Vegas Valley. A recent mild attempt to modify this ordinance was soundly defeated by a two-to-one margin. A recent modest land sale also met with vocal opposition.

As a candidate for the City Council, I appeared before a union group to solicit their endorsement. As soon as I identified myself as being from Boulder City, I was lambasted with the unsolicited comment: “You people have your heads up your ass!” I left without the endorsement. I did not need help to see my way out.

Yes, we are an anomaly, an outlier community in Southern Nevada with our own unique and iconoclastic heritage. And, yes, we are perhaps out of step with the times. For the most part, we like it that way. This is why we live here.

These comments are mine and mine alone and made to encourage civil discussion. I am not speaking for any other member of the City Council or the city staff. The comments are not to be taken as a position of the city of Boulder City but solely as mine as an individual, not a public officer.

Warren Harhay

Professional, fun experience recommended for all

I would like to share my wonderful experience with two talented and delightful business owners in Boulder City. As one of the live auction winners during the 2018 Heart of the Community Gala, an annual fundraiser presented by the Boulder City Hospital Foundation, I recently collected on my auction package.

In need of new business cards for my company, BC Real Estate, I turned to the “Glamour Portrait Experience with Pamela Leon,” portrait artist and owner of 28 Sunflowers Photography in Boulder City, Additionally, the auction package included hair and makeup by Sarah Iwinkski, owner of Serenity Salon and Spa, also in Boulder City.

These amazing women provided me with an absolutely amazing experience, combining professionalism and fun. I highly recommend them.

Cokie Booth

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